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HVAC Systems: What Realtors Need to Know

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 13 September 2017 20:14
HVAC Systems: What Realtors Need to Know

So you have a listing and its been sitting a while or you just listed a property and you want to look at sales points for building the sales literature and talking points when talking directly with buyers. You got all the sales points down including the neighborhood information and now you come to the HVAC system of the home and you are wanting to know how you can describe the HVAC system to the buyer for a better sales pitch without going out of bounds. How do you do that with an HVAC system? Outside of the basic description you really don't know what to say to make the HVAC system look good. Here are some things you can take off the top to help. With a little further review and asking a few questions you can further make the HVAC system more presentable to a potential buyer. 

1) First, you can check the equipment on an HVAC reviews site to see the ratings of the brand. There are a few sites that offer a professional HVAC technical review for air conditioners, heat pumps, and gas furnaces. These sites are fairly decent at giving an honest review for each particular brand of HVAC system you may be able to find installed in the average home. It will also help you learn the basic lingo of the HVAC industry for particulars including components that add efficiency or make the system more desirable to a potential buyer. 

2) What is a great purchasing decision to a potential home buyer? How much they are going to pay for utilities. Therefore, a higher efficiency HVAC system would be an attractive option for a home buyer especially when they are concerned about basic utilities when making a purchase. According to the department of energy, more than 50% of a homes energy use is used for heating and cooling systems. So how do you determine if the house is equipped with a high performance HVAC system? As with most other appliances, HVAC systems require specific testing and meet certain efficiency levels to qualify for the Energy Star label. If the system has an Energy Star label then it has passed specific requirements to qualify including being efficient. There are Energy Star performance levels for various appliances such as gas furnaces, central heat pumps, and central air conditioners. If you want more information including tables for each specific appliance type visit the Energy Star website or High Performance HVAC.

3) This one will require you to do a little footwork and get your hands dirty but it will likely be well worth it if the system is in good shape. If you don't want to do this hire someone to do it especially if you want better information including photos to help sell the property. Go over the duct work and see if it is good. Sometimes the ductwork is located in a crawl and sometimes it is located in an attic. Take photos of good and bad duct work. If it is properly insulated and supported then this is a good sales point for a potential home buyer. Good duct work delivers the conditioned air efficiently while bad duct work does not. Bad duct work is akin to a water hose that has several holes in it and is leaking. You will never get a good amount of desired pressure at the nozzle with a bad water hose. The same goes for duct work. You can have the most efficient air conditioner, heat pump or gas furnace and it will suffer efficiency-wise because of bad duct work. If the duct work is bad and you have the photos show the seller or listing agent. Let them make a decision on repairing it. It will eventually be found anyhow by the home inspector and will likely be a point of contention for selling the property so nip it in the bud and get it taken care of.

4) Lastly, ask the current homeowner if they have utility bills and/or maintenance records for the HVAC equipment. These can be used as concrete proof to show a potential buyer what they can expect from their new HVAC system if they purchase the home. It also, if you have maintenance records, shows the potential buyer that the system has been well maintained and taken care of. 

This list is not comprehensive. There are other things you can do to highlight the HVAC system and make it more appealing to a potential buyer. An HVAC system is the most important and expensive appliance in a home. Don't believe me. Wait until your air conditioner or furnace quits working in your house and you are very hot or very cold and then tell me its not an important appliance for your home. Good luck and I hope this helps you get more sales!! If you have any questions you may contact me through my website. Caio!!

Richard Ashworth is a writer, developer and proprietor of High Performance HVAC. He is also a licensed Master in the following disciplines: HVAC, Electrician and Gas Fitter. He is an apprentice of life and the Jedi Brotherhood (just kidding about the Jedi thing but its great to imagine)! Plying the trades he has worked as an HVAC Technician, a Controls Technician, a Commissioning Engineer, a technical writer, a programmer, and a few other technical jobs related to the mentioned trades. You can contact him here on his About the Author page.


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Richard Ashworth

I work in the field of HVAC with more than 20 years experience as a Technician, supervisor and now a project manager. I also offer consulting part time and write for many professional trade journals, various websites across the WWW, and for my work.

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