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Why Choose a Resin Driveway for your New Home?

Written by Posted On Friday, 15 September 2017 12:55

Resin drives are a solution to a number of different problems - rather than just that of what driveway to have. There are a number of positives to having a resin driveway and if you are building or renovating a home the benefits of having one of these will show year after year. Not only do they save money in the short term but they are also a lot more durable and last longer than a standard drive. A resin bound driveway does not fade or discolour and most people go through their whole lifetimes by just having it installed without having to do any after care or maintenance.

Permeable surface

Having a driveway without a permeable surface can cause many drainage problems for your new home. A resin bonded drive is permeable therefore gives you a natural drainage system after installation. If you have a standard drive then you will need to have this installed and then further think about drainage solutions for the harsher weather. All resin drives are permeable to air and water. Not only does this give you an urban drainage system but it also means it can be created without having to worry about planning permission. 

No loose stones

Anyone who has had a gravel drive will know how inconvenient they can be. Not only does the gravel have the potential to ruin the tyres on your vehicle or your guest's vehicles but it also needs a lot of maintenance. Gravel needs replacing at least yearly which is costly and time consuming. Because resin bound drives are set with resin the gravel is never loose and you will not have to replace it year after year.


Because of the way a resin drive is set - it is incredibly hardwearing. Not only will it withstand your vehicle being driven on and off of it multiple times of day but it will also withstand pedestrians going in and out of the house across the drive if it is at the front of the house. 

More flexible choices with design

If you have a gravel drive then it is likely the only choice you had design-wise was what gravel you are going to use. Resin drives have a lot more choice when it comes to personalising the front of your home. You can choose between a single or a multiple colour drive and ass patterns or numbers to the main drive or the border. Because of the way they are set bespoke and innovative designs can be created on a resin bonded drive. Many companies will offer you a consultation so that you can chose the design which you feel suits your property best. If it is a new home in the building stages then you will still be able to look over previous projects to see what you think will work the best for you. 

Low maintenance

This type of drive minimises the chance of ice on the drive and also limits the growth of weed and mould. Concrete or tarmac drives can be hard to keep clean but all a resin drive needs are a quick clean with a jet wash every so often. You can also have an anti-slip finish put on your drive to ensure neither your car or your pedestrians slip during the colder weather. 

No excavation is needed

Many forms of drive require an excavation when they are installed. If you are building a new home or completing renovations this can get in the way of other things that need doing and it may end up being that you have to leave the drive until everything else is finished. Resin drives do not require excavation of the site they are to be installed on. The surface preparation is not in anyway as lengthy as the other types of driveway meaning they can be installed much more quickly. Once the surface has been prepared the resin is applied and sets very quickly. Depending on the surface area to be covered most resin drives can be installed within 1 to 2 days.


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