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How To Create A Minimalist Interior

Written by Posted On Friday, 15 September 2017 20:03

We all have clutter in our lives, and it can be really tricky when it comes to figuring out what to keep and what to give away, but you will be able to really make the most out of if you focus on all of the right things.  The only trick is, now that you have a clutter-free home, how to you apply the same home decor scheme to it?  That is, how are you going to create the right kind of look for your home that helps you keep up to the minimalist interior design that you're loving?  Here are some great ways to help you do just that.

      Keep furniture to a minimum

The thing to remember is that your home is going to be clean and clear when you're done putting this into place.  So, the most important thing to consider for each room is the furniture.  Pick out what you need, and what you don't need.  Then get rid of anything that doesn't make the cut on the “need” list.  It's tricky, but find it a new home or donate it to someone in need.  You should stick to only the things that you do actually need.

      Keep the surfaces clean and clear of clutter

When it comes to table tops and beds, keep the surface clear.  It's tricky to know just how clear is clear when you're starting out, so when in doubt just take everything off (more on that in the next tip).  Clutter can be visually and mentally distracting so make sure that you keep the room clean and clear of anything that is going to make you move into the idea that you have too much stuff.  Tables, counter tops, anywhere that you can pile stuff – clear it off and start fresh.

      Try minimalist accessories

Once everything is clear, pick your accessories carefully.  Try to stick to simple ones like a vase of flowers, or a bowl of special stones.  Keep it simple and minimal in terms of the amount, too.  Not every surface has to have something on it in terms of decorations.  It might take you a while to get the balance just right, but don't be afraid to play around with it and get used to what you're looking for as far as the accessories are concerned.  Be patient, it'll come.

      Have practical, quality furniture

Speaking of your furniture, you need to make sure that you invest in quality furniture.  It needs to look simple and good, and make sure you choose quality brands.  You're going to have to put focus and time into this, and money, too.  Since you won't be having as much furniture as before, you'll have the money to spend, and you'll be getting quality pieces, so you won't have to worry about them leaving you high and dry in a few years.  That's how good they are.

      Keep the floor clear

In terms of rugs, try to keep the floor bare.  The natural wood is going to give you a nice feeling, it's great for minimalist lovers as well.  If you have bare floors, that's great.  Shine them up and allow them to show themselves off.  Additionally, try to make sure that you keep the floor bare in terms of “stuff”, too.  Don't allow a bunch of different possessions or storage options to be on the floor (including piles of magazines).  Just keep everything  off the floor and that way the room is going to look much cleaner and clutter-free, too.

      Keep artwork to a classy minimum

Artwork in a home is important, and the pieces that you purchase and show off are, too.  That being said, try to choose pieces that are giving off the look and feel that you want without going too far with it.  Work to try to get the pieces that mean the most to you.  Essentially, the goal is to only a few pieces of tasteful artwork and display them proudly and prominently in the rooms that they best suit.  Try to keep the other photos to a minimum, to spread them out to look minimal.

      Keep curtains and window hangings simple or non-existent

When you are looking the windows, the best thing to do is keep them bare, or look into something like a shade (which hides) or blinds (which hide).  These are minimalist and will give a very grandiose look to the window itself.  If you are set on curtains, keep the colours neutral and the patterns also neutral so that you aren't distracted by them. 

      Enjoy neutral wall colours

Same thing goes for the walls.  Try to keep everything a gentle neutral colour, as it opens up the space and gives you a great look to the room.  It will look even better with the right minimalist furniture in the room, too.  It really will all come together when you get it all going in the same direction.

      Keep patterns gentle and enjoyable

When you looking at bedspreads or – as mentioned – curtains, tablecloths, etc, you should seriously remember that you are going to have to protect the minimalist attitude in the choice that you make.  Keep the colours solid and neutral. And omit fabrics (tablecloths, for example) that you don't need.  Neutral is key to keeping the minimalist feeling alive.

 Your world is going to become a lot cleaner and fresher when you properly put in the minimalist interior design ideas that you find here, giving you much more control over your emotional needs as well as the practical ones, too.  For money saving and good quality furniture, this is a great one to help you make the most out of what you have and help you enjoy it all to the fullest so that lacking will be the last thing on your mind.

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