Easy Fix to Update Your Home’s Decor and Add Modern Comfort and Style

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Expensive Home Renovation Projects

In today’s economy, instead of people selling their homes, and upgrading to new, bigger, and nicer ones, people seem more content to stay where they are and renovate the home they have.

Many home projects and renovations can get very costly. Sometimes leading one to wonder why they didn’t choose to sell and build from the ground up instead. From a bathroom remodel that may cost $10,000 on the low-end side, to $30,000+ on the high-end - to kitchen renovations that may include a complete gutting of the entire kitchen and replacing everything. Including the kitchen sink (no pun intended). These types of remodel projects can easily exceed $40,000 or more. Renovating a home can seriously be a financially daunting task.

Save Money With This Easy Room Redo

An easier, and relatively inexpensive thing that a person can do to update different living spaces in their home would be to simply repaint and refresh their color scheme, get a few new pieces of furniture, and then update that tired and boring, ugly and old fashioned ceiling fan. Upgrading to a brand new, up-to-date modern designed ceiling fan can drastically improve the overall look of a room.

Not Your Momma’s Fans

Today’s ceiling fans are so much different from your mom and dad’s traditional 4 or 5 blade ceiling fans. The ones with little dangling pull chains, that many times click and tick against the side of the fan as the wobbles around, leaving you to thinking, “Eventually that old fan is going to fall off of the ceiling.” Not to mention the noise will drive you crazy. Those are not the fans of today. Well, not unless you’re only shopping at discount and the big box stores.

Quality ceiling fans from big name designer brands are completely different from those old models. New modern and technology advanced ceiling fans do not use pull chains, their blades are factory weighed and balanced so they will not shake and wobble, and their motors operate efficiently and silently. The newest models equipped with DC motors use less than one third of the electricity, and have 6 speeds operated by a extremely reliable handheld remote. The remote control will operate the forward/reverse settings (summer/winter modes), and control the lights, off/on/dimming feature. Some of these new models, such as the 60” Fanimation Drone even have infinite speed settings that can even be operated via Bluetooth from your smart phone.

Designs from the top designer name brands have drastically improved. Ceiling fan blades no longer look like flat wooden paddles, and the motor housings on many models aren’t big and clunky like models of the past. For example, the 60” Minka Aire Aviation LED ceiling fan has three blades that are curved and countered to look more like the prop from an airplane, which rotate in prefect detail around the fan’s integrated LED light. The motor on the Aviation is super small, yet extremely powerful. It doesn’t really look like a fan motor at all. And unlike some of the fans with a child’s airplane themed design from the 1990’s and early 2000’s, the Aviation is not a kid’s fan. This is a very sleek and contemporary designed ceiling fan for high-end, sophisticated grown up interior spaces.

In Conclusion

Now that you know of a lower cost way to give each room in your home a makeover, go get started on your new affordable design makeover. Begin by heading out to your local paint store. Buy yourself of few gallons of an high quality paint in a trendy new color. Then roll up your sleeves and get to work on making your walls and ceilings look brand new.

Once you have finished with the paint, and are ready for your awesome new ceiling fan, go online and take a look at what all is available today in fans from big brands like Fanimation, Minka Aire, Casablanca, TroposAir, Gulf-Coast, and Craftmade. When ready to purchase ModernFanOutlet.com  has one of the best selections anywhere on these fan ideas. They have great customer reviews and tend to be an authority when it comes to anything to do with today’s latest styles.

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