The Value of a Local Business Directory for Your Small Business or Real Estate Office

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Around this time of year, folks around the country are doing their fall cleaning and getting their homes ready for the winter to come. Your business and business website deserve the same attention and consideration. If you’re looking for ways to bring more customers into your local small business, this is a great time to see if you’re listed in online local business directories, update those listings and use the best local business directory to maximize the promotional value those listings bring you. It doesn’t take a lot of time or require any specialized expertise to create or update your local directory business listings – but the payoff could more followers on your social media profiles, more visitors to your website and more customers walking through your front door.

Should Your Business Be Listed in a Local Business Directory?

Before we get into strategies and specific tips you can use to optimize your small business directory listings, let’s talk a little about what kind of businesses benefit the most from being listed in a local online business directory. Here’s a quick checklist to help you decide how much effort you should put into checking and updating your online directory listings. If any of these apply to you, you would likely benefit from having a local business directory listing.

· You make most of your money from people who physically visit your shop or business location. This applies to businesses such as restaurants, hair stylists, real estate brokers, shops, and stores.

· You get most of your business from people who live within a small geographic area. This might be true if you’re a Realtor or local US small business real estate broker, a pizza shop owner who delivers in a small area, a contractor, plumber or another tradesperson who does work at people’s homes or businesses, or a professional, such as a lawyer, accountant, and financial adviser, who relies on local clients.

· You have a website or business page on Facebook that you use to publicize your business or sell your services, but it isn’t getting as many visitors as you’d like.

· You rely on word-of-mouth and reputation for at least some of your business, but the word just isn’t getting out there.

· You advertise on local media, including newspapers and local websites, but you want more traffic – both online and foot traffic walking through your door.

If any of the above applies to your business, then your business should absolutely be listed in at least one local business directory and preferably, in as many, as you can get listed in. 

What Exactly Is a Local Business Directory?

When you hear the term local business directory, you may be imagining a listing with your town’s Chamber of Commerce or the directory of businesses maintained by your city’s newspaper. Those are certainly one type of local directory for small businesses, but there are many others. Some of the best directories for local businesses, in fact, are national in coverage, but they make it easy for people in your city to find businesses within their immediate area. Take, for example,, a local USA business directory that specifically caters to the needs of potential customers in specific geographic locations. FindUsLocal has listings for businesses in nearly every town or city across the U.S. but they use cutting-edge GEO-location services to deliver the results most relevant to people within their own geographic area. 

It works like this. When a customer near you visit, they’ll see a front page featuring news stories and events happening near them – and you. The site offers lots of fun little extras to encourage visitors to check back often for the local weather, headlines, upcoming concerts and sporting events, and even little extras like tweets from people in their neighborhood and the latest reviews of local businesses. They also feature ads for local businesses on every page their visitor's visit. 

The customization really pays off when they’re searching for a local person for their business or shopping needs. If your potential customers are looking for a new dentist, for example, they don’t have to drill down through dozens of categories to find you. They just search for “dentist,” and the site will automatically show them a listing of dentists that are close to their home or office. When they click on a listing, they’ll be taken to a business listing page that YOU control, which gives you a chance to really sell your services.

Three Tips to Make the Most of Your Local Business Listing

Now that you understand the benefits of listing your business in a local business directory, let’s talk a little about how to make your business listing really useful to your business.

· Make Your Business Listing Complete. Make sure all of your contact and business information is accurate. The last thing you want is to lose a customer because the wrong phone number is listed in the contact info.

· Make Your Business Listing Attractive. People like pictures. If it’s an option, upload pictures for your business profile to attract more attention.

· Make Your Business Listing Informative. One of the best promotion tools at your disposal is customer recommendations. Choose an online business directory that allows your customers to leave reviews – and make sure you check them often. Customers tend to trust businesses that respond to reviews – both good and bad.

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