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Written by Posted On Wednesday, 11 October 2017 17:02
L to R: Betty Warmack of Real Estate One, Jason Hill of Historic Realty Detroit, Deborah Smith of Keller Williams Realty, in front of the historic Motown Mansion, formerly owned by Berry Gordy, at 918 West Boston Boulevard in Detroit's Boston-Edison District. L to R: Betty Warmack of Real Estate One, Jason Hill of Historic Realty Detroit, Deborah Smith of Keller Williams Realty, in front of the historic Motown Mansion, formerly owned by Berry Gordy, at 918 West Boston Boulevard in Detroit's Boston-Edison District. Dennis R. Green


This is really two stories in one!

  1. Detroit's magnificent Boston-Edison Historic District leaps into an entirely new arena with the recent sales of three magnificent homes that each top $1 million in asking and purchase prices.
  2. Three Realtors® from competing real estate firms support each other as they list and sell these historic homes in a pledge of cooperation and unity not often seen in the usually highly competitive real estate industry.

  • Deborah Smith of Keller Williams Realty sold the former Berry Gordy (Motown Records) residence at 918 West Boston Blvd. for $1.65 million.

  • Betty Warmack of Real Estate One, sold the Charles T. Fisher Mansion (Body by Fisher) at 670 West Boston Blvd. for $1.25 million.

  • Jason Hill of Historic Realty Detroit sold the Walter Briggs Mansion (Detroit Tigers and Briggs Manufacturing Company) at 700 West Boston Blvd. for $1,035.

Cooperation Breeds Success!

These dynamic real estate professionals have worked together for some time now, and are regarded by some as the “Bosses of Boston Boulevard", referring to their record-breaking sales on, arguably, the most prestigious street in the Boston-Edison Historic District.

"Detroit is a city that has seen a resurgence in the market recently with many of the homes in the historic districts consistently selling for a half million dollars - and up," according to Deborah Smith. "If some of these homes were in other parts of the country, say Los Angeles, Chicago or New York - or even here in Bloomfield Hills, they would be selling for 3 to 5 times the Detroit asking prices!”

Smith is a 16 year veteran in the business (the self-proclaimed "newby" of this group), who began her career selling in the equally distinguished Sherwood Forest Historic District and has since expanded her business to include the University District and Boston-Edison. Smith added, "The size, luxurious amenities and colorful histories of homes in these districts would certainly command millions more elsewhere!"

"This is a sign that the consumer confidence level in Detroit's economy is rising," noted Betty Warmack. Warmack began her real estate career 33 years ago and has become the "go to" Realtor® in Historic Indian Village on the city's east side. She has sold homes in all of the historic districts throughout the city as well as high profile properties located downtown and on the riverfront.

These are not quick sales, by any means. "Sales of these homes are complex and take several months in many cases," says Jason Hill. "Often, the relocation of the current owners complicates the sales process." Hill, a second generation broker, is all too familiar with the process after having grown up in the business under the tutelage of his father, Herbert J. Hill, Sr., who owned a brokerage in the city. Jason founded his brokerage in 2015 immediately after Detroit emerged from bankruptcy and specializes in selling Detroit historic properties with a focus on the downtown luxury market.

Equally lavish homes are in high demand as people rediscover the joys and amenities of living in the Downtown Detroit and surrounding areas. Homes in several Detroit areas are considered a great investment by these Realtors®, since the home values continue to rise as time progresses. Interestingly, they have actually sold and resold and resold again some of the same homes over the past several years.

This is certainly a testament to the relationships they build with their

clients, who may start as buyers and turn into sellers, and then buyers again!

It's Not Just a Boston-Edison Surge Either!

Other historic Detroit areas that have seen an increase in consumer interest and impressive purchase prices are Indian Village, Palmer Woods, Sherwood Forest and the University District. Plus, areas such as West Village, East English Village and the Bagley District have experienced similar newfound interest. All of which speaks to the growing strength of the Detroit housing market.

If you are looking for an experienced Realtor® to help with the sale of your historic Detroit home, Deborah Smith of Keller Williams Realty, Betty Warmack of Real Estate One and Jason Hill of Historic Realty Detroit are the ones to call. Contact them at these phone numbers: Deborah (248) 225-9441, Betty (313) 995-3845 and Jason (313) 220-4820.


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