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Lodgify: Create your Own Vacation Rental Website

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 06 December 2017 16:34
The easiest way to create a hospitality website The easiest way to create a hospitality website Lodgify

Renting out your property to holidaymakers has never been easier thanks to the many online Vacation Rental Websites. Although websites like are very convenient ways to advertise your property, you never actually own the website, and you end up having to pay commissions.

Lodgify was created to help vacation rental owners run a more cost-effective vacation rental business online. This includes helping those that are just starting out in the Vacation Rental marketplace as well as already established vacation rental businesses.

No Commission Allows Competitive Pricing

Firstly, there is no commission on any booking made on a Lodgify website. For large Vacation Rental companies, hotels with multiple rooms for rent, and for bed and breakfast accommodation owners also with several rooms, not paying commission allows them to offer much better process. Lodgify’s no commission concept allows their customers to be more competitive.

Central Booking System

Many Vacation rental owners will want to advertise their property on as many websites as possible. This includes the well-known sites such as Airbnb, Flipkey, House Trip, and more. Lodgify understands that to become a successful vacation rental business, you need to advertise using as many sales channels as possible.

As a result, Lodgify’s booking and calendar system has built-in functionalities in order to allow you to sync your Lodgify website with all the well-known vacation rental websites.

Intergrade Lodgify into your Existing Website

If you already own a vacation rental website, but it is in need of some additional features or upgrades, then Lodgify is the perfect solution. Not only does the integration work well over multiple platforms, you will have saved huge costs and a lot of time involve with redesigning your website.

See the vacation rental software by Logify here.

Over 30 Brand-New Website Designs

 For anyone that is looking to start their own vacation rental website, Lodgify is the perfect solution. There are 30 beautifully designed websites making it easy to find a design that suits the image that you want to portray for your rental business.

Full Website Support

Of course, if you are using a Lodgify website, then you have the full support of their web team. This is the real game changer for many vacation rental businesses. Not only do you have a fully functional website complete with a centralised booking system and a smooth gallery to advertise all the features of your vacation rentals, you also have access to the Lodgify web team.

Full Mobile Functionality

Yet another game changer for many vacation rental owners that use Lodgify websites is that the websites provided are designed to rescale and look presentable on any mobile device. On top of this, all the functions have been designed to work on all mobile devices too.

In a world where mobile bookings have overtaken desktop bookings, having a website that functions across, Android, Windows, iOS, and Blackberry operating systems is imperative to ensure that you maximise the number of potential bookings.

Weighing it all up, the cost savings when running a Lodgify website are worth every penny in monthly fees to Lodgify. Going it alone and designing a fully functional vacation rental website whereby all features and functions work seamlessly on desktop and mobile devices comes with huge costs.

This is not to mention the web developers will charge a huge monthly fee for maintenance. Furthermore, you also have to consider that the code will need regular updates to stay up to date with new technology.

Lodgify simplifies the entire website process involved with running a vacation rental business online. No huge web development costs, a simple monthly commitment that starts at only $27 a month for the yearly subscription option, and a low-risk investment for the potential of high returns. Lodgify is a no-brainer!

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