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How to Rent your House in A Hurry

Written by Posted On Friday, 08 December 2017 01:24

It seems like the supposed housing boom may be coming to an end again, that’s if you ever believed it to be true. Since 2008 when property values plummeted globally, it has been a long slow return to growth.

And if the current economic forecasts are to be believed, then the growth that we thought was returning may in fact be in decline again. So where does that leave the average property owner?

Much of the recent growth in the economy has been fuelled by rising house prices, the obvious side effect of this is a rise in the demand for rental properties.

So if you have properties to rent out, in particular houses to rent in Bootle, then you may need to go the extra mile to make sure your house is the most competitively presented to any potential renter.

If you are going to use a high street letting agent then make sure you pick the best, and that does not necessarily mean the one who gives you the best rental price. Choose at least three agents to speak to and listen to what they have to say carefully.

Just because someone offers you the best rental price doesn’t mean they are going to get it for you. And the last thing you want is to have to drop the price because it has been sitting in the letting agents window for months, without attracting any interest.

An all too common experience, for a let that has overpriced a property.  A good agent will be realistic with you about the price you can expect to achieve. And also realistic about the time it will take to let out.

Find out what the ceiling rental price is for your area, this is the most you can expect to achieve if you let for the best price. Then ask yourself what can you realistically to achieve as an asking price for your own property.

To do this you have to assess the state of repair your property may be in at the current time you are looking to rent. Compare it with houses that have let recently in the local letting agents.

What are your local amenities like, is the area attractive to renters? What are the transport routes like? Is there wine bars, restaurants or a local hairdressers?

You can then gage if you think a bit of investment is required to gain some potential extra equity.

This may be an investment in time and elbow grease, if all that is required is few coats of paint and a de-clutter, then the extra effort may end up paying dividends for you when a rental price is agreed.

However, you may decide that you don’t want the hassle of the challenge you may face in getting the house up to the required standard to achieve a market price, in this case you may want to use a bespoke property buyer.

Companies such as James Kristian provide tailor made letting options for you. Sometimes the best option is to let the professionals take care of everything from start to finish, giving you a fast rental income.

However whichever option you choose, in the current market you have to make sure you know the actual value you can expect to achieve if your house was on the market today.

Then you can make a realistic assessment of whichever route is best for you.

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