Keeping Your Arizona Home Free Of Unwanted Pests

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Most homeowners in Arizona that invest time and money into keeping up the interior and exterior of their home understand that there is an abundance of attention that is placed on keeping the property in shape after the initial work is done. We are talking maintenance, and nothing can be more frustrating than trying to maintain a landscaped yard that has been infested with insects and rodents. We interviewed multiple pest control companies but eventually decided to share the thoughts and strategies provided to us by this pest control company in Phoenix AZ. Here are the results.

Is your garden stricken with insects and rodents? At times the smallest pests may do the most harm in your backyard. Your garden and the vegetation surrounding your home will influence the rodents and insects that are attracted to your property. According to the pest control experts, you don't need to resort to chemical-based pesticides to deter or destroy pests. Vandals like slugs that will eat the foliage right off your plants can be discouraged and destroyed with table salt. Here are some tried-and-true tactics for keeping these pesky bugs out of your garden, home, and off your property.

Preventative Measures

The easiest way to keep your garden and home pest free is to develop a healthy, cleaning, and maintenance schedule. Keep you plants disease-free! This will help them overcome seasonal temperature drops or spikes and will also help them to battle back against invaders. Regularly inspect the leaves on your plants indoors and outdoors for damage or discoloration, and eliminate, deadhead or pinch off diseased leaves or plant stems. Keep your plants healthy by watering them frequently in the summer and covering them during the winter. Keep your weeds under control! Overgrown sections of the yard become a hiding place for rodents and insects looking to feast upon your plants and pet food.

Introduce Some Predators

Want to keep these pests from devouring your plants? Introduce an army of natural Arizona predators into your backyard and see if nature takes its course. Chances are if you introduce a variety of species there will be at least one that not only thrives in that environment but becomes active in the termination of the pests you are targeting. For example, aphids, also called "plant eaters" can be controlled or eliminated by introducing wasps into your property (of course there is some need for caution here). A less aggressive option is the introduction of ladybugs, and lacewings. Ground-dwelling slugs fear earth beetles, lizards, toads, and snakes. Research methods to attract the kinds of creatures that may wipe out of your pest problem for you!

Barrier To Entry

Like anything else in life, if the barber to entry is difficult enough most living things will walk away and search the path of least resistance. This goes for slimy, slithering creatures like slugs, snails, and caterpillars. By adding salt rings and things like broken egg shells you can add sharp debris to the soil that will deter soft skinned pests from entering the area.

Aroma Therapy

Lots of aromatic herbs, such as yarrow, citronella, mint, fennel, catnip, basil, and lemongrass are organic deterrents for backyard bugs from aphids to potato beetles. As an additional bonus, some of those herbaceous plants also draw the predators that keep pests in check.

Pick Your Poison: Flour, salt, beer: all compounds which are entirely safe for people, but that may be severely poisonous for insects, slugs and snails.

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