How to Market and Sell Your Home the Right Way with the help of the Company Local Records Office

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Local Records Office Local Records Office Local Records Office

LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE - Putting a home in the real estate market in 2018 is much easier since technology plays a major roll. The company "Local Records Office" takes your home and researches a reasonable selling price in your area, by gathering specific information your home will have higher chances of bringing in more money. A lot of the people that decide to put a property in the market think it will sit for months or even years, but by using technology and gathering the right data a property is able to sell 10-25% more. 


Make sure to market out-of-the-area and be sure to list your home on various sites. Do not limit yourself to one. Also, be sure to take good pictures and have your home on point for photo day. No one wants to see even the smallest smudges or dirt on your countertops. This is game day, so get your house sparkling clean before posting.
Cleaning up the clutter

It is crucial to remove all the clutter before showing it to potential buyers. Buyers need to be able to picture themselves living there. Remove any furniture to make the rooms have an open space and look bigger. Store away your personal items. Hire a stager if it is something you might consider spending on, so that way you have more buyers' attention with modern, neutral furniture, and stagers can make your home more salable. Listen to your real estate agents advice and de-clutter
First 2 Weeks---Open House

The first two week of having your home available for open house is the most important. So keep your space open for realtors to do their job, and make it convenient for buyers to come and see your space.
Disclose Everything!

Be sure to keep everything out and open on the table, and make sure to let interested buyers know whether there was a deceased or you have ghosts. 
"Because you do not want to waste anyone's time and the longer your property sits on the market, the less chances it will sell" says, Local Records Office.

Sweeten your Deal

Offer things to buyers to make your home more attractive for buyers. Sellers that offer things like thousands of dollars credit off closing costs or offer to pay closing costs entirely, will in some cases receive more attention. Also, offer a transferable home warranty, for a one-year policy to cover appliances (can range from $300-$400) for air conditioners, or refrigerators that may fail. Depending on the policy, other appliances may be covered. And ultimately, some buyers are motivated with the option to close in a short amount of time. Closing within 30 to 60 days will set your deal apart and get you that contact.

Keep an Eye Out for Deals

After selling a property many people think that is it but you still need a place to sleep so keeping an out of for property deals is a must do. it seems like good deals come your way when you least expect it. With a competative market like Los Angeles you need to be alert. 



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