3 Exterior Maintenance Tips to Increase Curb Appeal

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 23 January 2018 20:52

Nothing looks more unattractive from the curb such as missing bricks, old and bent gutters, peeling paints or front steps. Apart from these overlooked maintenance necessities making your house look unattractive and unkempt, they can also cause around 10% decrease in your property’s value.

The impression your house creates from a distance can be the difference between a few more thousand dollars on top of its value and could facilitate a quick sale. You can consider the three tips below to try and increase your home’s curb appeal and its value.

Plant New Trees

Trees are a good way to draw attention to your house and generally beautify the home while adding to its value.

How big or well a tree grows depends on a number of factors some of which include the shade, the planting season and the temperature.

The ideal time to plant a tree is around early spring or late fall. Also, regulating the amount of sunlight the tree receives is vital. Considering the long-term future is key when planting a tree.

One way to avoid any hassles or mistakes when planting a tree is to invite a tree expert. They can advise which species survive best in your particular climate and other best practices.

Paint Your Home’s Exterior

Some home maintenance projects are just as significant as the exterior painting of your house, owing to the fact that caulking and painting constitute the first line of defense against the weather elements.

The moment you notice the paint starting to crack, blister or peel, it is advisable to repaint as soon as possible. Writing off these problems can lead to more a more extensive and expensive repair.

Enhance Your Landscape

A beautiful landscape and yard can add significant value to your property and also provide the much-needed space for recreation and relaxation. If you are unsure of what outdoor design to choose, consider consulting a professional landscaper.

Develop a master plan and then divide your hardscaping or landscaping project into stages, especially when it may not be feasible to carry it out in one go.

You may need to obtain a permit and consult a utility line locator, especially if you may need to carry out an extensive cleaning that may disturb the land.  With the expertise of a professional, you can avoid any unforeseen damages or mistakes that may inflate the price of the project.

Hardscaping may require that you clear out your garden, damage plants while plowing the soil to make valleys and hills, irrigation systems and pavements. It is advisable to less-complicate things by installing your hardscape before planting.

Increasing Home Value Using Curb Appeal

Apart from increasing the value of your home, curb appeal can also generally make your house more alluring whilst giving it a nice and finished look. If you are pondering on making aesthetics upgrades to your home, consider what your house currently looks like, your preferable design if you have any in mind and what designs will be most ideal.

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