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How CCTV Can Save You Money on Home Insurance

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 31 January 2018 22:25

Home insurance is not considered as cheap however, it could reduce the cost of insurance premium like installing the home surveillance system and many others. Listing the home’s security is considered as largest part of the process and it also involves all types of locks on the windows and doors. Insurance company deemed to claim the charges for higher premium covering potential costs in case you become the victim of any burglary. All the security measures in the home could effectively lead to the lower home insurance rate. Many home insurance companies also offer different home insurance discounts to install the security cameras based on the alarm system. Normally, the well-integrated and carefully planned security system is something that most home insurer likes to have. Most insurers also demand that security cameras are connected to the central alarm station that provides 24/7 professional monitoring. Operators could efficiently dispatch the first responders fast to mitigate the loss during the event of emergencies. Strong deadbolt locks and professionally monitored burglar alarm systems would make the home qualified for the preferred insurance discounts to the insurance companies. Easy Security Systems brings you the best range of CCTV & IP CCTV systems suitable for both the domestic as well as commercial customers.

Securing Your Home:

According to a recent Home Security Statistics, homes without alarm or security systems up to 300% are likely to be easily broken. Normally installing the professional alarm security systems reduce the risk of the home break-ins, thefts or other illegal activities. CCTV Systems are mainly installed and maintained based on SSAIB standards with complying domestic and commercial insurance. Easy Security Systems carries the SSAIB Certificates of compliance provided to the insurers. Professionals here carry out the extensive design and plan for installing or maintaining the CCTV Systems. Monitoring center provides the customers with complete Police monitored response with the manned guarding service to the high excellence. Installations of the CCTV include the 12 months labor warranty with the extended warranty contracts to the excellence. In fact, systems could be effectively used based on conjunction with the existing access of control equipment for providing the optimal security level regardless of characteristics of premises. Every CCTV system installed is done based on the SSAIB standards in much more secure manner.

Variety Of Products:

CCTV industry has evolved a lot drastically over the past few years. Easy Security Systems stays up-to-date with technological advances so that it would be quite easier for enabling complete security for the home to the excellence. Professionals have the diverse catalogs that are available on market. IP CCTV systems have 4K resolution referred as Ultra HD is quite helpful for determining the capturing of videos with 24 hours surveillance to the maximum.

CCTV Monitoring Service:

Easy Security Systems provides the secure monitoring services and available with the different feature to the excellence. Under the CCTV Monitoring Service, you can opt for police response immediately in case of any intruder or event of theft. There are also alternative options enabled with manned guarding servicing as trained security staffs would be sent to your premises.

Customized Services:

Not only CCTV does extra security with lowering the premiums but also lowers the chance of making the claim. CCTV reduces the chance of becoming victim to burglary or vandalism that would effectively save your more time with hassle-free way of making the claim. In fact, a highly secured area would effectively decrease the chance of the burglary or home invasion. Location and number of the security cameras would vary from one premise to another. Larger properties would require more cameras at HD quality and smaller properties require only a few. Based on the different nature of CCTV Monitoring, it is convenient to choose the service to the excellence with reducing the health and safety risks to the excellence.

Remote Access:

Standard digital video recorder allows the footage with CCTV recorded could be watched anytime. Easy Security Systems offers customers with the possibility of access the video remotely using surveillance cameras. Using the mobile App, it is quite convenient to access the surveillance video via Smartphone or Tablet. Using the technique, you can efficient watch your house both interiors and exteriors anytime and anywhere 24/7 that helps to keep your home security to the excellence.


CCTV cameras and home security systems are considered as the important piece of the equipment for protecting from vandalism, burglary, and much more that helps to catch the culprits. All the installations also come with 12 months warranty so that it would be worth noting to cover all parts of the labor costs to the high excellence. CCTV extends the duration of warranty contracts so when the home insurance is added to the idea of installing the CCTV acts as the great option for virtually increase the secure system to home.

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