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Instagram – Distinct Ways to Promote Real Estate Business

Written by Posted On Monday, 12 February 2018 11:39

With more than 600 million users (likely to surpass more than 111 million mark by 2019) and more than 6.4 ‘likes’ every month, Instagram has become of the most popular as well as best places to get the business noticed. The platform is both fun as well as beautiful and it turns out to be an amazing social platform for any given form of business.

In this regard, it is important to mention that real estate industry is one of the booming industries available in the market and the businesses involved in the same can make great use of Instagram to enhance their business. This post mainly deals with insights about how real estate market can reap benefit by impressing the ‘Insta’ users.

Why Should Real Estate Focus on Instagram?

With great respect and no offence to all other social media platforms available, Instagram for real estate is completely different and the level of engagement is almost 10 times (10x) higher than Facebook. Instagram is incredibly mobile and the demographic is much more affluent.

Having user-friendly layout as well as slick interface, it remains no doubt that the level of engagement for the Insta followers is exceptionally high. Majority of the people are on the app in most of the time and thus makes it an abundant source for the generation of leads for real estate market.

The best thing is that the business owners can edit the images right while being on the application and can opt for posting stunning photos just in seconds. The number of photo likes a fine way to increase appeal on Instagram and to attract the attention of the potential customers planning to invest in real estate.

Different Types of Leads Businesses Get on Instagram

  • Local buyers looking forward to buy or sell in a specific area (locally)
  • Realtors from other cities looking for referral agents in an area
  • Referral clients those are already tagged on Instagram through mutual connection
  • New prospects who identified the Insta profile recently

Other than the ones discussed above, businesses involved in real estate can also avail different types of client to enhance their business reach.

How to know which is the Right Content to Appeal Clients on Instagram?

Real estate organizations are suggested to look at the Instagram post overall and then they should follow a universal methodology for populating the same. Many high-profile business houses make use of the ‘Rule of Thirds’ for filling up the missing content where –

Real estate business owners can also follow this method to maximise the opportunity of being online.

Make sure to avoid using similar kind of content taken or posted on other social media platforms as it reduces the appeal factor the posts. Also, businesses can acquire more likes on the pictures that depict how the team and the members are functioning behind the company. So, it would not be wrong to say that number of photo likes a fine way to increase appeal on Instagram.

Considering the above-discussed literature, a conclusion can be drawn that Instagram has become really beneficial for the businesses planning to establish in the real-estate industry. So, open an Insta account and generate more leads for the conversion.

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