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Take Care of Your Garbage Disposal With These Do's and Don'ts

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 17 April 2018 06:52

Do Avoid Corrosive Chemicals

Under no circumstances are you to use corrosive chemicals, such as drain cleaners or bleach. While it is possible to put an extremely diluted solution of bleach to water down your drain, it is not recommended. Bleach can actually work to harden food waste, making it more difficult to flush down the drain. Caustic chemicals such as drain cleaners will do damage to the mechanical workings of your disposal unit, and will not even work with a disposal.


Do Use Cold Water Only

Only use cold water, never hot when washing your food waste down the drain. Hot water contributes to grease clogs, and may also cause your disposal unit to overheat. Cold water keeps grease and food waste nice and hard, which makes it easier for your unit to dispose of it. It is recommended that you run cold water for 30 seconds before you grind, and another 30 seconds after you grind.

Don't Add Greasy/Oily Food Waste


Never put grease or oil down your waste disposal unit. Grease causes the waste to become a viscous mess, as it congeals, and causes a drain blockage. Food bits such as ground egg shells become embedded in grease, causing your disposals motor to work harder. This increases the risk of your motor burning out. Further down the pipe, it gets worse, as the ground bits of food and oil work their way down the drain, only to cause a massive blockage.


Don't Add Non-Food Items or Over Fill Your Unit


While it is called a 'garbage disposal', that does not mean that you are to put actual garbage down the drain. While this seems obvious, many plumbers often get called due to units which need repair due to bits of metal, plastic, paper and rubber being tossed in. If it is not food, then please refrain from placing it in your disposal unit. Lastly, never over fill your disposal unit, as this will result in a jam and an expensive plumbers visit.

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