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Top Tips When Starting Your Own Fashion Label

Written by Posted On Friday, 04 May 2018 23:09

The world of fashion is as diverse and high-pressured as it is exciting and glamorous. Those that are eager to get into the world of fashion design are well aware of the challenges that they face – and the potential rewards that await them. If you have artistic flair, design expertise, and the ambition to succeed, starting your own fashion label could be the perfect move for you. However, before you jump in feet first, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Making sure you are prepared is vital in this industry, so don’t jump the gun when it comes to getting your label off the ground.

Some of the Key Points to Consider before Going into Production


You need to take a range of key points into consideration before you get your own fashion label off the ground. Preparation and research is vital in this industry, and here are some of the preparatory steps you need to take:

Determine your style: This doesn’t mean work out what sorts of fashion items you like to wear personally. What you need to think about is your target audience and what sort of items they will want to wear. It is important to identify both your target audience and customers as well as your creative direction, as this will enable you to benefit from certainty when it comes to the type of clothing that will come under your label.

Sort out measurements: Once you know the type of garments you want to create for your fashion label, you need to look at initial measurements. Like most designers, you can work from the block pattern that is the standard within the industry. So, you start with a standard size and then make alterations based on your designs.

Creating patterns: The next step of the process is to create patterns. Of course, you may not be involved in pattern cutting personally – if this is the case, there are professionals that can provide you with cost effective pattern cutting services, so it is well worth doing some research into these. Make sure you establish what your size range will be for your garments so that the patterns can be graded accordingly.

Analysis and feedback:                 When you receive the sample garments back, you need to take some time out to analyze the designs and get feedback. You should use participants from your target audience to get feedback about the sample designs, as they are the people that would be buying your clothing so it is their opinions and thoughts that matter. Make sure you take the feedback you are given on board so that you can use it to make improvements.

Find a manufacturing service: Your final step once you are happy with everything else is to find the right manufacturing company to work with. You can generally choose from manufacturers that simply deal with the cutting, making and trimming (CMT) of the garments, or you can opt for the FPP or Full Production Package manufacturers. With the latter, your involvement is minimal as the manufacturer will do all of the legwork.

By taking these steps before you plunge in headfirst, you can help to ensure that your label enjoys success from the word go. Of course, once production is underway and your label is up and running, you need to think about important factors such as marketing and gaining exposure for the label. Fortunately, there are various avenues for marketing and advertising your new label these days, some of them very cost effective such as social media marketing and exposure.

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