New Homes Training Is Catching On - Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, Century 21 Leading The Way

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Orlando-In an unusual move for a training company, New Home Co-Broker Academy LLC is making public the list of the top 15 brokerages whose agents are showing an interest in learning how to work with new home shoppers. Of the last 1,000 REALTORS who graduated from its 3-hour online course, How To Build A New Homes Niche 14 % were Keller Williams REALTORS, according to Founder and course author,  David Fletcher.

The list in order of number of graduates, 

1. Keller Williams Realty

2. Coldwell Banker 

3. Century 21

4. Re/Max

5. Realty One

6. Homesmart

7 Long & Foster

8. Berkshire Hathaway

9 Exit Realty 


11. EXP

12. West USA Realty

13. Better Homes and Gardens

14 Ebby Halliday

15 Charles Rutenberg

Hundreds of small brokerages are represented, according to Fletcher, among the more than 3,000 real estate agents and managing brokers who have taken the course.

The top six states in order 

1. Florida  

2. California

3. Texas

4. Arizona

5. Nevada

6 Maryland

"Effective October 1, the company released version 2.0, which expanded the course from 79 to 130 narrated slides and allows one-year access, Plus, we added 20 critical scripts graduates may access anytime needed", Fletcher said.

"What we believe is making our website so popular, is the flexibility they need to pay for only what they need or want when they need it. For example, REALTORS may take the course to become a certified New Home Co-Broker (NHCB), which does not require a renewal fee or rent one or all 44 video solutions for 48 hours to solve specific problems. Case studies abound in these videos. 

"The fact is new homes construction is the 'short sale' of the day. REALTORS need saleable inventory. Builders need qualified buyers. . 

"To our surprise, many of our graduates have more than five years experience and have been selling new homes for years. On the  other hand, we get emails like this one:

"Thank you for helping me remember something I learned  in your course. I was about to lose my prospects, who kept losing bids for foreclosures. Then I remembered about the importance of showing a new home priced  equal to the bid, plus potential renovation costs. As a last ditch effort, I showed them a new home, "just so they could see, touch and feel how they could live for the money they planned to spend.  They bought the new home the next day.  What made this so critical, is I am a newly licensed agent, and this was my first sale."

Or our very first graduate, who is now a regional manager with Coldwell Banker. 

"My couple was driving me crazy. They had narrowed their decision down to eight, EIGHT, resales and could not make up their mind. I remembered to show them a new home, so they could 'see, touch and feel,' what they could get for their money.. Based on that visit, they felt more comfortable about what they should offer for the resale they wanted and purchased that resale.

"I understand what you mean by more sales with fewer prospects," he said, "i was about to lose them."

"As we say, our course is about the agent, not the builder or the builder's homes. It's about the agent learning what to do and what to say. It may be about tips, but it's not about tricks. 

"In the big picture, new home shoppers look to their agent for more than finding the right home. They expect them to give them professional, objective advice." Fletcher said.

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David Fletcher, NHCB

David Fletcher is a co-founder and CEO of New Home Co-broker Academy LLC., an online e-commerce business. Visit David's website to take his famous 3-hour online course, How To Build  A New Homes Niche, to become a certified New Home Co-broker (NHCB). More than 5,000 graduates. Content is based on his long career and onsite sales success working with both builders and Realtors to list and sell more than $3 billion in new construction. If you are a broker who wants to offer your agents a way to add new homes to their resale inventory and home shoppers, this is your solution. 

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