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Know how to select the right netting for pest birds!

Written by Posted On Friday, 12 October 2018 03:07

We all love birds. Birds come in different shapes, sizes, colours and each one has its own beauty. However, there are many species of birds that can be unwanted. Or nuisances. Or troublesome. Might even call them pest birds. These are birds we want away from our properties, homes, balconies, lawns, and gardens. Birds could be a nuisance due to plenty of reasons.

Primarily, they leave their droppings which causes a mess and, in some cases, also transmitting diseases. Another problem they cause is unwanted nesting around our houses. To solve this problem, bird netting was introduced. With this, birds can still continue to do what they do, while you ensure they don't cross the boundaries you set in place.

Now HiCare is India's leading pest control and hygiene company. HiCare is also luckily in the bird-netting business. We will help you select the right type of bird-netting for your homes, windows, balconies, gardens or flower beds, as per your requirements.

Call 39889988 or visit to set up an inspection of your house. Our technicians will pay you a visit and gauge what your exact bird problem is. Based on that, they'll sketch up a solution for your problem. Soon you'll quit complaining about these pest birds.

Tips for choosing the right bird-netting

So just in case you aren't sure what kind of bird-netting will be best, we've chalked down some tips for choosing the right solution for your house and/or gardens. There are many types of nettings available in the market and the last thing you'd want is to select the wrong one which doesn't help your bird-related issue. See here:

  • Know your problem - Firstly, know what bird(s) is affecting you.
  • Know about the different nettings - There are different solutions for different problems. Different nettings include extruded, knotted, knotless, etc.
  • Choose a mesh size - A mesh size of around 1/2 to 3/4 inch will keep small birds like butterflies and sparrows out. Mesh of around 3-4 inches will keep out crows, gulls and other bigger birds.

Now HiCare won't put you through the trouble of doing all this research on your own. Give us a call and we'll check out the problem ourselves. We offer a wide range of products and you're in luck at the moment, because we also have some festive offers running. The prices are as pocket-friendly as ever. Also, we'll find you solutions without compromising on the aesthetics of your natural surroundings.

HiCare specializes in Pigeon Netting and Sparrow Netting services, using high-quality Polyethylene net mesh with size 2" while also being installed with a robust mounting system. Here, the metal fixings and wire ropes are made from stainless steel. The nets are available in black and white colours and don't harm the birds in any way, while just preventing them from entering. The HDPE net material is UV resistant and doesn't stretch. These begin at just INR 50 per square foot. What's more is that they come with 3-year warranties and a 10% discount if you select online payment.

Another best-selling bird control management product of HiCare is the bird spikes. These too don't harm the birds in any way, but just prevent them from settling there. These can be placed on ledges, windows, in your garden, on top of ACs, on top of other open storage spaces and more. Available in metal and polycarbonate materials, these spikes are also available at incredible prices. So, don't waste any time. Get on a call with HiCare to eliminate your bird problems right away.

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