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Know the benefits of Residential Elevators

Written by Posted On Friday, 09 November 2018 09:18

One problem that many buildings have is the lack of space to install an elevator. This occurs in both new buildings and those that already have an elevator but want to install a larger cabin to solve problems of accessibility or access with wheelchairs.


Knowing what is the minimum space to install an Residential Elevators is essential whether it is an existing building without an elevator or a community that does not have an elevator and wishes to install one enjoying total accessibility.


Different types of elevator installations in existing buildings


At present there are different types of facilities that allow placing an elevator without carrying out large works:


•    No demolition of stairs: This assumption is for a building that has a free space in the stairwell and allows installing an individual elevator, to an elevator that can be adapted for the use of wheelchairs.

•    Exterior lift: A perfect solution when the windows of the stairwell give onto an outdoor patio or garden space.

•    The partial cut of the staircase:  In this case the minimum dimension must be taken into account to install the elevator and add to that measure 80 cm for each flight of stairs, being necessary to cut the necessary pieces of the stairs, to leave the step necessary.


Minimum gap to install an elevator


The minimum dimensions to install an elevator are approximate: 1m x 0.70m, for one of a single shipment and one person.

However, the mentioned dimensions may vary according to the needs of the client. We design, design, manufacture, and install unique elevators for each hole, this allows us to have larger cabins than other competitors, for the same space. For this our commercial team travels to the farm, without any commitment, to be able to assess the necessary work to be done.

Generalizing, the minimum conditions for the installation of an elevator:


•    The size of the cabin must adapt to the available space.

•    In front of the access opening to the elevator, there must be a free space of 0.80 cm in circumference and one meter in the access landings to the same.

•    To install the elevator in the stairwell the minimum width at which it can be reduced is 0.80 cm.

Already the installation of a narrower or custom-built elevator to fit a small stairwell without sufficient space will require a special design adapted to these circumstances, a job that must be done by a specialized company.

Finally, it is necessary to respect the current legislation stipulating that the installation of an elevator cannot alter the minimum ventilation and lighting conditions of the area that falls to the patio.

Improving the accessibility of buildings is a growing need in recent years and the installation of an elevator is the solution for this type of problem, without forgetting that to carry out this type of work it is essential to have a project carried out by a technician and also obtain the necessary licenses and authorizations as established by current legislation. 

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