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What Do UK Booking Agents Do?

Written by Posted On Thursday, 22 November 2018 21:07

The role of a booking agent is frequently painted in movies and television as an exciting lifestyle that attracts big egos and loud personalities. However, the reality is that it’s mostly the same as any other job: time spent at your desk, on the phone, writing emails and putting hard work in. UK booking agents might interact with celebrities and musicians, but at the end of the day their job is a sales role like many others. They are tasked with making bookings and selling their artists to events, festivals and venues, trying to secure profitable deals for their artists and their agency,

The job of a booking agent is to work on behalf of talented celebrities and musicians, seeking out opportunities for them to perform and appear on stage and at events. Performers, musicians and celebrities live busy lives, and their profession requires dedication and focus: their responsibility is to perfect their craft and to perform, not to spend their days on the phone attempting to book their next gig or arrange the tour schedule. UK booking agents give musicians and celebrities the time and space to do what they do best, by handling the responsibility of booking gigs and tours on their behalf.

Agents will often go through negotiations with promoters on behalf of an artist and their manager. But what are these two roles and how do they relate to the job of an agent? Promoters help with booking and publicising gigs, club nights and shows at venues and festivals. They often have close relationships with agents, who have a broad network of promoters that they will work with closely. Managers are more similar to agents, as they also work on behalf of musicians and celebrities, but the difference is that they work closely alongside one or two acts, developing their career as a whole and not only booking their live performances.

Live shows and events are arranged months in advance by agents, who work with promoters, venues and managers to put the details together. It is more beneficial to arrange an entire tour for an artist, in contrast to one single show, as these can be more lucrative for everyone involved. Tours are complex and require scheduling and administration, including hotels and flights that must be booked – however, this is not the job of an agent. Agencies have teams of staff that take care of these details.

Though most of an agent’s time is occupied by organising live events and working with artists, they are also frequently required to seek out new opportunities, finding new and up-and-coming talents to sign. This means that agents must stay aware of music news and developments, keeping their eyes and ears open for potential opportunities and signings. Finding the “next big thing” could lead to huge rewards down the line, if an artist gains popularity and breaks into the mainstream. Often this is handled by a dedicated staff member called “A&R’, but sometimes it is delegated to the agents themselves.

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