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This is the Queens Real Estate Company People are Talking About as the Best, New Way to Earn Cash Fast!

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 05 December 2018 11:36

Bills piling up; overdue notices getting delivered to your door; a divorce putting pressure on your bank account. Craig Nixon was one of the many people that suffer from financial woes like these.

He needed to get cash fast, but wasn’t sure where to turn. Traditional methods like putting items up for collateral at a pawn shop or seeking out a bank loan were either stressful, unreliable, or wouldn’t provide him with enough funds. So, he turned to Hunter’s Homes, which was quickly earning a reputation for quickly buying up homes in the area at prices above market rates.

The option of selling your home for cash is one of the safest, most reliable, and efficient ways to get out of a financial (or emotional) bind. But, you need to make sure you’re working with a company that’s as reliable as they are effective. When Craig decided to sell with Hunter’s Homes, he got in touch with a legitimate home buyer that provided a cash offer in just 15 days. Plus, he was able to sell the home in the condition it was in – no questions asked.

Craig is just one of the many success stories from people who have been selling their homes for cash quickly with Hunter’s Homes. They are one of the most successful companies coordinating these sales and helping people out of their financial holes in the Queens area. If you’re in a financial bind or are sitting on a property you no longer want, get in touch with Hunter’s Homes to get a real cash offer quickly and painlessly.  

What is Hunter’s Homes?

Hunter’s Homes is a group of home buyers that are able to offer the best deals for people looking to sell their property quickly and at a fair price – regardless of its condition. The buyers at Hunter Homes work closely with homeowners in up-and-coming areas to come up with a fair cash offer in only a few days time. With their industry expertise, reliability guarantee, and unbeatable efficiency, Hunter Homes is fast becoming one of the most popular options for people looking to get out of a financial bind.  

How does Hunter’s Homes work?

Once a potential seller contacts Hunter’s Homes, one of their professional buyers will come inspect the property and open negotiations. Often, regardless of if extensive repairs are needed or there’s severe flood or fire damage, sellers still receive a reasonable cash offer.

Why is selling a home for cash the best option to earn money fast?

Craig was about to rely on traditional methods for getting out of his financial bind. Selling to pawn shops, taking out bank loans, and other quick cash institutions all seemed attractive to him at the time, but each offers a significant drawback. Whether it’s a lack of credibility or the real possibility of falling even deeper into a financial hole, these options posed very real problems he needed to consider.

Instead, he turned to Hunter’s Homes as the solution. Selling a property for cash is not only reliable and safe, but also the most financially efficient.

In the past, it was difficult for sellers to get a fair cash price or sell if there was damage, foreclosure concerns, or mortgage woes. Hunter’s Homes bypasses the listing process and makes a cash offer on a property within a few days, regardless of the condition it’s in – financially or physically.

Click Here to Contact Hunter Homes today for a free quote on cash for your Home!

Why is Hunter’s Homes easier than selling a home on the market?

On average, it takes 73 days from listing a home to closing even during the fastest-selling month of the year. And this is assuming an offer is even made. Craig closed on his property in just 15 days with Hunter’s Homes. In most cases when listing a home the traditional way, a property can linger on the market for months, never receive an offer, then be taken off and re-listed at another time.

Additionally, there are commission costs for listing with an agent. Alternatively, if a property is listed by the owner, understanding how to market it to potential buyers can be difficult and time-consuming.

However, Hunter’s Homes has professional home buyers in Queens that can make a cash offer at an above market price and complete the transaction in just days’ time. Bypassing the market entirely and working directly with a reputable company lets sellers like Craig avoid the headaches of the listing process, while saving money on commission fees.

How to get in touch with Hunter’s Homes

Contacting a buyer is easier than most people think. If you live in any of the following neighborhoods/zip codes in Queens, Hunter’s Homes can help:

  • Jamaica – 11432, 11433, 1143
  • Briarwood- 11435
  • Ozone Park- 11416, 11417
  • South Ozone Park- 11420
  • Richmond Hill – 11418, 11419
  • Kew Gardens - 11415
  • Rego Park – 11374
  • Forest Hills- 11375
  • Ridgewood, Glendale - 11385

As a team of real estate experts with proven success, the buyers at Hunter’s Homes have the knowledge and experience to buy your home at reasonable or even above-market rates. Working with a company you can trust is essential when making the decision to sell your home. As Craig’s story proves, the right buyer can be the most profitable, efficient, and easiest way out of your financial bind.

Contact them today to be considered as a potential seller. If you’re accepted, the buyers at Hunter’s Homes will work with you every step of the way to get the best cash offer for your home.

Click Here to Contact Hunter Homes today for a free quote on cash for your Home!

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  • State: California
  • Address: Avlon Park
  • City: Avlon
  • Zipcode: 08242
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  • MLS #: 4426319578
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