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Advantages of Building a Concrete Deck

Written by Posted On Friday, 07 December 2018 03:52

A concrete deck can help transform a drab slab. However, many people have no idea that it is just a sad, cracked slab in an unloved backyard. There are plenty of ways to put a stylish and personal spin on a dull grey concrete decks Woodbridge. You can use different colors, patterns, and outdoor accessories to make it fun and exciting. However, before we move into what you can do with concrete decks, let Sibwest Concrete Forming help you realize the advantages of building one.

Although wood decks have become trendy in the past, nothing can replace concrete as the best deck material, according to Sibwest Concrete Forming, a leading deck builder in Woodbridge. Many homeowners who have switched to wood for their decks have realized many problems associated with it like rotting and warping. If you are a given a choice, you should choose concrete and here are the reasons why:


Concrete decks Woodbridge are versatile, and you can make a variety of designs out of it. Unlike other decking materials, Sibwest Concrete Forming can custom constructed the slab to fit your design. You can also opt to add accessories to make it look like stone pavers, concrete pavers or even make it like a ceramic paver. Because it is fluid, concrete can take the form of its mold; you can have a concrete deck of any shape. In addition, you can finish it off with a variety of patterns and add colors to make it unique and pretty. Using concrete, you can match your deck with your home exteriors.


There is nothing more durable than concrete for your decks, and this was proven many times over. This is because concrete decks made by Sibwest Concrete Forming can get better with time. You have to cure the concrete deck longer as it will become harder and stronger. This is good as they will be resistant to the elements that can cause damages like weather and insect damage. You can also put heavy outdoor furniture in your deck without worrying about scratching or even containing the weight.

Easy maintenance

For those whose concern is about maintaining their decks, using concrete is the answer to your problem, as it requires the least support possible. Concrete decks Woodbridge requires little to no maintenance at all. You only need to clean the deck with water. The concrete can also prevent weeds and grass from sprouting, unlike other materials.

Value for Money

No other decking material can give greater value for money than concrete decks. With the same batch, you can make numerous patterns and designs. It also has little maintenance required. Hence, other than the installation, you will not spend any money after. It is also cheaper than other materials and very durable.

Concrete decking is the best alternative because it is affordable and elegant and requires little maintenance compared to wooden decking. In Woodbridge, Sibwest Concrete Forming is the best contractor because they have a professional and qualified team that offers concrete decking services at competitive prices. When you need to enhance the beauty of your residential or commercial property, they are the company to call.

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