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The Harmful Effects of Asbestos in Your Home- Protect Your Family Now!

Written by Posted On Thursday, 20 December 2018 00:10

Asbestos is a chronic and serious respiratory ailment. It is caused when you inhale the fibres of asbestos and scar the tissues of your lungs. It results in a dry sound when you breathe that sounds like a crackling noise. You can also suffer from mild to acute shortness of breathwhen you suffer from asbestos.

What about a single exposure to asbestos?

A single exposure to fibresdoes not guarantee that you will be infected with asbestos however it is not safe either. The people that work with asbestos removal should always cover the face and wear protective gear. The effects can be coughing and permanent damage in the form of lung cancer if you are not careful.

Symptoms of asbestos poisoning

Besides shortness of breath, the other symptoms of asbestos poisoning are heaviness and tightness in the chest, loss of appetite, deformities in the nail, pain in the chest, a dry cough that persists and enlarged fingertips or finger clubbing. Experts in the field say that prolonged exposure to asbestos is unlikely to be cured.

Call in experts to help you

Never try to remove asbestos on your own. Call in expert companies to help you. Advanced Deconstruction Brisbane can be contacted for the safe and effective removal of asbestos from your home. They will come over and inspect the area to decide on the ways to effectively remove the asbestos from your home. In some cases, these companies may prefer to repair the area where asbestos has been detected over removing it. This prevents the fibres from getting released into the atmosphere and causing damage to you and your family.

How do you choose the right asbestos removal company for your needs?

When it comes to the removal of asbestos, you must rely on professional companies that have years of experienced and proven track records in the field. They will charge you competitive rates for the removal of asbestos from the premises of your home. When you are looking for the right company, talk to experts and arrange for an appointment where they will come to your home and check the premises. The experts will schedule a date where they will remove or repair the asbestos in the area suspected. The experts say that when you are looking for asbestos removal companies, you must ensure that you choose experts that have affordable prices and positive customer reviews online.

When you wish to check for asbestos, the age of the material or the building will help you. Those buildings that have been established between 1940s to 1980sis at risk to asbestos. Though some buildings were phased out during the 1980s with asbestos, there are cases where some structures still used materials that had asbestos. However, if the building was builtpost-1995, there is a high possibility that the structure did not use any form of asbestos materials at all. So, if you wish to check whether your home has asbestos or not, check the date of the building to find out!

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