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Reasons why Purchasing a Home with Polished Concrete Floors is Worth It

Written by Posted On Thursday, 10 January 2019 20:47

Finding the right flooring option can be a pain, there’s no doubt about it. There are so many different attributes you need to find the right balance of to be completely satisfied. Things like durability, stain-fighting power, and of course aesthetics all factor heavily into whether or not you’re going to settle with a particular kind of flooring. Most people focus on either hardwood or laminate without considering all of their options. I’m here today to explain all of the many benefits of polished concrete that you may not have known about, and they are quite numerous.

While untreated concrete is more the realm of basements and industrial shops, polished concrete floors are making significant inroads in the hearts and minds of homeowners everywhere. Polished concrete is concrete that has been treated with a special chemical known as a densifier that fills all of the pores created in the process of making the floor. After the densifier is applied, a grinder is then used to get the finish to the desired level of shininess and reflectiveness. This densifier eliminates the need to wax the floors and does not require frequent reapplication to keep your floors looking their best.

Should a concrete floor be on your wish list when buying a home? Here’s just a few of the benefits you can get from a quality concrete floor:

Incredible Life Span

Most other flooring options are only guaranteed for anywhere from seven to fifteen years. As far as concrete flooring is concerned, any reputable installer will guarantee the floor for twenty years. They are guaranteed for 20 years for warranty purposes, but properly maintained concrete flooring can actually last several lifetimes if properly maintained.

What matters most in keeping concrete floors at their best is how high grade the finish is. The densifying process hardens the exposed cement by making the molecular structure more sturdy. This is increased sturdiness on a kind of floor already preferred for its ability to withstand being driven over on a daily basis plus take the pitter patter of dozens of shoes constantly. After the grinding process is complete, the floor is considered to be completely sealed and protected from the elements as well as any human intervention.

To make any concrete floor last well beyond the 20 year warranty, careful maintenance should be employed. This maintenance routine should be comprehensive and include periodic sweeping and mopping to get all foreign objects off of the floor. Only warm water should be used when mopping and a microfiber mop is recommended as it is the most effective mop for this kind of surface. A white buffing pad that is non-aggressive coupled with a floor polisher is best if you’re trying to restore a concrete floor to its previous shine. Harsh chemicals are to be completely avoided as they may eat through the densifying cover and result in a reduced shine.

Superb Durability

Compared to other options like hardwood flooring or laminate, concrete floors are diamond level strong. Concrete flooring is frequently chosen not only by homeowners but by industrial and commercial business owners because it can take nearly any amount of foot traffic day in and day out.

Because of the finish applied to polished concrete flooring, there’s no risk of stains from wine and other household items and it even goes as far to protect against oil spills or other heavy contaminants. In short, concrete flooring can take a beating. Concrete is what we drive 18 wheelers over, I probably won’t be the first to tell you you’re never going to be able to get that with wood.

Polished concrete floors are resistant to moisture and are extremely resistant to chips and scratches.

Low Maintenance

Some flooring options like carpet need to be meticulously cared for, making you one of those people who might come off a bit aggressive when anyone’s walking around with an open drink inside your house. There are no such worries with polished concrete, all you need to worry about is the occasional sweeping and mopping and that’s it. Any spills are easily cleaned up with a paper towel and you don’t have to worry about it seeping in between hardwood planks and making the floor rise if you let it sit too long before doing something about it. There are few options besides maybe tile flooring that can offer the same level of ease and worry-free ownership as polished concrete.

The polish only needs to be maintained once every two years as long as you make sure to only use pH neutral cleaning solutions as acidic cleaners may reduce the durability of your flooring. "According to David Johnson from CARRcrete Polished Concrete, the best way to avoid pouring soft concrete is to keep the water to cement ratio at .40.  Mind you, residential concrete flooring can usually squeeze by with less frequent repolishing depending on how high traffic the room in question is. The two year repolishing rule isn’t hard and fast, it’s up to you to decide just how worn out your floors are before deciding to call in the professionals. If you floor is still as shiny and fresh as you’d like it to be, there’s no need to have it repolished.

Extreme Affordability

Concrete floors can start at as low as $2 per square foot and even the fanciest concrete mixes will seldom run you over $20 per square foot, making it an extremely good choice for those who are concerned about their budget. When you factor in the minimal maintenance needs and the low installation costs, concrete flooring is one of the most affordable flooring choices available. If you’re only going for entire slabs of concrete of the same color, it is quite doubtful that you’ll end up paying more than $8 per square foot.

The only time the floors will cost money again is when it’s time to get them repolished, and you’ll be hard pressed to get your floors repolished enough times during its lifespan for it to end up being more expensive than hardwood.

Design Versatility

You may be thinking of concrete flooring as a drab and lackluster grey filled with pockmarks and other imperfections, but that’s only for industrial floors where looks don’t matter. Modern developments in cement mixing and pouring have opened up the option to have nearly any kind of color and texture at your disposal. Even having alternating colors or a specific design is not out of the question as these slabs can be premade and then fitted into each other at a later date. Having a marbled finish or exquisite designs reminiscent of much more expensive materials is easily made possible with high quality concrete floors from a reputable vendor.

How you choose to finish it can also affect the end result of your floors, the end sheen is determined by how finely ground down the densifyer is.

Perfect For Radiant Heating

Depending on where you live, how well your floors can radiate heat can be a big deal. Concrete floors do well with radiant floor heating systems as polished concrete is a great thermal conductor. No matter what time of year it is having your floors the correct temperature will be a cinch if you elect to choose polished concrete. The option to have radiant heaters installed is liberating to homeowners, and I suggest seeing if the concrete floors in any house you may be thinking of purchasing are heated.

In the summer the floor will remain a comfortable temperature and not be at risk of overheating, so there’s that to look forward to as well.

Environmentally Friendly

There’s no risk of contributing to deforestation or unsafe industrial practices with concrete flooring. Minimal chemicals are used in the installation and maintenance process and the chemicals that are used tend to be pH negative and not harsh. Getting a floor that has all of the benefits of being resistant to scratches, resistant to moisture, as well as a fantastic shine all without the dangerous chemicals is a very appealing prospect. Extra points for environmental friendliness can be obtained if the slabs of concrete used were already pre-made, eliminating the need to make more just for the home. With the pervasiveness and availability of concrete, this is not out of the question whatsoever.

No Need For Additional Waxing

Since the floors are already polished, there will be no need to constantly re-wax your floor once every six months or so. The functionality of concrete flooring is guaranteed by the polish so there won’t be any concerns about adding or removing wax should you decide to switch things up a bit in your household. Waxes can be full of toxic chemicals that are bad for the environment, so any floor that removes the burden of having to constantly wax and re-wax has a lot going for it.

Great For Ambient Lighting

The polished sheen of concrete flooring is excellent at absorbing and reflecting light back into a room. This means you’ll be able to get by using less lighting and save money on your power bill through the great reflectivity offered by polished concrete flooring. It’s for this reason that so many hospitals and schools decide to go with concrete floors, but the benefits can be achieved all the same in a household.

The grinding process allows for some customizability as far as just how shiny you’d like your floors to be, so be specific with your installer as to just how reflective you’re okay with.

Supreme Slip Safety

While polished concrete floors may look slick and difficult to walk on, they are actually considered to be extremely slip resistant. Even when walking around in socks you won’t have to worry you’ll slip and fall as if you were walking on ice. When the floor is ground down to the prescribed thickness, it actually increases the amount of friction between you and the floor compared to had it not been ground down. In the end, I’d say that polished concrete floors are no more slippery than your average tiled floor. There’s a reason so many businesses go with this kind of flooring aside from affordability, and that reason is just how safe these floors are to walk all over.

Stain And Scratch Resistant

Modern live comes with its tumbles, falls, and spills. Luckily with a concrete floor these minor irritations won’t turn into major issues when it comes to the upkeep of your flooring. There are no cracks or creases for debris to get caught in and you’ll always be able to mop up any spills to completely eliminate them in minutes. Polished concrete floors are practically impervious to being scratched or nicked which is another big plus in their favor.

Getting even a minor stain on a carpet means you’ll have to rent an expensive steam cleaning vacuum or pay someone with one to come visit your home. The ability to be in complete control of how clean your floors are with minimal outsourcing required besides the occasional bottle of floor cleaner speaks for itself.


The benefits of concrete flooring are numerous and tick a lot of the boxes sought out by homeowners. The affordability makes it fantastic for those who don’t want to shell out thousands to maintain the beauty of their home and the stellar stain resistance makes it extremely pet and child proof. The sheer array and variety of concrete flooring will surprise most people, with many not even in the know about the staggering amount of design options available. As more and more people become privy to the knowledge that concrete floors don’t have to be dull grey masses, I can predict we will see more of them in the future. They are not just relegated to basements, even a kitchen or living room area can be floored with this stunning material.

Hopefully this article has shown you some of the great benefits that can be derived from living in a home with a polished concrete floor. Happy house hunting!

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