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A new way to supercharge your Real Estate listings

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A good listing presentation is one of the most potent secret weapons in a Real Estate agent’s arsenal. In a competitive marketplace, having a polite pre-sales chat with potential prospects just doesn’t cut it anymore, when you are trying to win listings.


A great listings pitch to prospective sellers helps you sign new clients, close leads and keeps you competitive in a crowded market, where 55% of sellers talk to at least two or three agents before making a decision. In making this pitch, an attractive, persuasive and engaging presentation is absolutely key in order to convey your messaging and close the deal.


A big problem here, however, is that putting together an outstanding presentation takes time, and making it stand out from the crowd is even harder, usually requiring basic design skills at the very least. Although tools like PowerPoint are simple and easy to use, creating something over and above the average is complex and time-consuming.


SlideModel is one of the leading sellers of off-the-peg yet customizable presentation templates. Their objective is to provide high quality, visually appealing and engaging presentation templates for businesses, with professional quality design but without the time and effort required. Below, we take you through how SlideModel can help you supercharge your pitches, make creating presentations a doddle, and seriously improve your business.

What is SlideModel?

SlideModel is a provider of premium, attractive and professionally designed PowerPoint presentation templates, designed to make putting together a high quality presentation easier, and raising your ability to engage and persuade your audience.


SlideModel provides a huge range of templates to cover an enormous variety of business needs. The business templates, the graphics, the fonts, the shapes and the diagrams have been designed professionally to the highest standard, and allow you to put together something far more exciting and engaging than possible with a standard bit of presentation software.


Best of all, alongside this high level design, everything contained within the SlideModel templates is 100% fully customizable and fully compatible with presentation tools available in the market, like OpenOffice, Keynote or even Google Slides. This means that every template can be tweaked, or radically redesigned, to suit your particular purpose, and to ensure that your presentations are unique and personal.


The website is really easy to use - subscribers just log in, search through the vast catalogue based on a variety of filters and possibilities, download the template that is most relevant and particular to the task or project at hand, and work on it as they see fit.


How can it help your business?

Template providers with templates focused specifically on real estate presentations are few and far between, and it is here that SlideModel really stands out. They have put together a bunch of templates specifically for realtors, designed to clearly and engagingly introduce you as an agent, and win listings from prospective clients.


With a combination of graphics, images and diagrams, agents are able to introduce themselves, identify what clients are looking for, and present sales strategies and differentials. The presentations can quickly answer queries and address issues, and most importantly they will be eye-catching and memorable, which is crucial for standing out against the competition.


The easy-to-follow diagrams give you the ability to present data, reach, and numbers without coming across as dry, and to walk prospects through the process of selling clearly, quickly and effectively.


The templates provided can give you the inspiration, and the tools you need to really supercharge your listings presentations, and the SlideModel platform is incredibly simple to use, saving you time and effort in putting it together. They’ve even published a ‘how-to’ guide for real estate pros to give some advice on producing a killer listing presentation.


How does it work?

SlideModel works on a subscription basis, meaning users sign up to one of an exceptionally good and flexible range of options. Users can pick from single-use presentations, for a one-off requirement, through a range of different ongoing, regular presentation needs. Pricing varies depending on the number, regularity and variety of templates you need, but provides great value for money whatever option you end up going with.


A key element of the SlideModel service is round-the-clock technical support. All the way through, from picking the right options, to downloading and designing the templates, their support team are available to provide assistance and advice, as needed. Given the flexibility and simplicity of the software, and the user-friendly nature of the website, this probably isn’t a feature that many subscribers require regularly, but every little helps and even the simplest of tasks sometimes requires support.


One real benefit is whatever length of subscription package you choose, whether one-off or long-term, due to the perpetual licence once you have downloaded your chosen template(s) you are free to edit and re-use for as long as you need.


Putting together a great presentation is something all real estate professionals should be thinking about, and the SlideModel templates can really add an extra level to your ability to close deals. The flexibility and customizability, added to the high level design and ease of use, mean that creating a persuasive, engaging presentation is easier than ever, and will reach people in a far more effective way than a standard PowerPoint presentation. We think that adding SlideModel to your toolkit will have a rapid and tangible effect on your ability to attract prospects, and your business overall.

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