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When Should You Call the Furnace Repair Company?

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 06 February 2019 04:46

There’s no good time for your furnace to break down on you. As a homeowner, you dread the idea that one day, you’re going to have to make the call to the repair experts to come and fix one of your home’s most necessary appliances. But what are the telltale signs it’s time to call the furnace repair company?

Here are a few noises, sights, smells, and time limits that will let you know when your furnace needs a little TLC!

Getting Up There

When it comes to home appliances, no matter how well you maintain them, time always takes its toll. That’s right, even though there are so many ways you can take care of your appliances to save money on avoidable repairs, they will all breakdown eventually.

Call the furnace repair company once your furnace gets to be around 15 to 20 years old. They can make sure it is functioning properly or needs to be replaced.

Noisy Nelly

Your furnace should make noise. That’s just a part of having a unit (unless it is VERY new). But when it starts to make strange noises, it’s time to make a call.

Listen for the following:

  • Popping noises
  • Squeaking noises
  • Loud bangs
  • No noise at all!

These may be indications that there is something loose, there is something broken, or that your HVAC system isn’t working any longer. They also mean it’s time to make a call!

Make sure to do your research! It’s not hard to find a good, local company that is highly regarded in the community. If you live in a town like Loveland, Colorado, you can simply research the best Loveland furnace repair, to get you quality companies with reasonable prices!

All Over the Place

If your temperatures are really hot one day, then chilly the next, it may be a sign that your furnace is on the fritz. Furnaces, when working properly, are able to keep your home within one or two degrees of the set temperature at all times. If you feel as though your furnace is drastically underperforming, it’s time to call the repair company!

Not only can temperatures be all over the place, but so can dust! It’s pretty normal to have dust collect here and there, but a large amount on heating vents may mean the furnace is no longer filtering your air properly. Avoid a dusty mess and make sure to call a professional.

Not A Care in the World

A huge, HUGE, part of being a homeowner is properly maintaining your appliances. If you haven’t had your HVAC unit cared for in the last year, make the call. Whether you have a brand new forced air furnace or are still rocking the unit that came with your home, it needs to be inspected and maintained yearly! Care for your appliances and they will last a LOT longer.

Taking Care of Business

No matter the size, shape, or location of your home, you need to show it a little love! By staying on top of seasonal changes and annual maintenance, listening for strange noises, and looking for the many warning signs, you can be aware of when your furnace may be failing you! Don’t hesitate to call your professional repair service, it may end up saving you a fortune and a furnace!

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