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Things to completely avoid when cleaning up your house

Written by Posted On Saturday, 09 February 2019 23:44

For better and healthy living you need to make your surrounding clean. The place you spend your maximum should be cleaned regularly. You should manage the space of keeping your item limited and useful. Keeping unnecessary stuff will always create a mess to your home. If your things do not have space then you can also use storage units Scottsdale. Along with organizing and selecting useful things, you need to take care of them properly. Cleanliness of those selective items is necessary. You should be a little careful while cleaning your house.

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1. Take the dust off
There are few things which are not cleaned daily for instances, cupboard and other shelves or showpieces. So when you are cleaning them make sure to take off dust with the help of a dry cloth and then use soap or water to clean it. Using direct wet cloth will make the dirt to stick more and also will put you in another trouble.

2. Do not use water on glass
Windows and mirrors are supposed to clean with dry cloth. If you use water to clean them then they will lose their shine and brightness. Also, it will also create some unwanted layer on it. To maintain the shine of glass or mirror you should always clean it papers. This will help to keep your glass or mirror shiny always.

3. Always keep a separate cloth for your rooms and kitchen
You should never clean the complete house with the same cloth. Kitchen cloth should be separated because it wipes off oil stains and other spice stains which are not washable or easy to clean. If you will use the same cloth for rooms then it might give additional stains instead of cleaning. Also, you should change the kitchen cloth regularly because continuing the same cloth for long will not keep your kitchen hygienic.

4. Broom first
Before moping your house you should use your broom to clean all the dirt completely. If moping will be done without taking off dirt then it will give dirt a liquid texture which will be harder to clean.

5. Go with the pattern
You should always clean the house with the pattern. You should always begin cleaning from the most inner room which will lead to synchronization in your work. If you will clean your home without any pattern strategy then you might require to clean the same place again and again.

6. Do not clean wooden object from water
The most common wooden object present in our home is the doors and windows. You should never clean them with direct water since it can ruin the quality of water. You should clean by dry cloth and if any stain remains then you should clean that stain only from soap water. Always try to have minimum liquid so that the wooden surface should not peel off easily.

7. Avoid using access to chemicals and bleaches
While cleaning your house always try to use the least quantity of chemical products since they give results but then also affects the quality of the object.


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