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Pressurized room divider 101 - Everything you need to know before investing

Written by Posted On Sunday, 10 February 2019 21:41

Open floor plans have caught the imagination of homeowners like wildfire! And there are reasons as to the popularity of apartment room dividers. Tearing down existing walls can create more space and real estate. With pressurized walls and temporary room dividers, you can wall-off a specific part of your larger rooms to create specialized space. There is a distinct advantage of this partition not being permanent; for example, a temporary room divider for siblings when they are growing up, and you can later take it down when your kids eventually move out.

Why temporary walls?

Well, the fact of the matter is temporary walls can provide more privacy compared to the other fixtures for room partitions like the screens and curtains. The only option better than the temporary walls is the permanent walls. But those cannot be taken down whenever you want. However, temporary walls are just that; erect a pressurized wall when you want to create more space or a specialized room within a bigger room and take it down after it has served its purpose.

How does it work?

The name suggests the working mechanism of these pressurized temporary walls. These work by exerting a fixed amount of pressure on the floor, adjoining walls and ceiling to stay in place. Generally, there is a spring mechanism loaded on to the inside of the walls which allows the formation of pressure to stay in place without the additional requirement of nails and screws. Gone are the days where you had to hammer a piece of temporary wall into the floor and ceilings.

In some cases you do need additional fasteners but only when the wall isn't secured in place. That is quite uncommon, but if the materials are not applying the necessary amount of pressure, the additional bolts and fasteners will do the trick for you. The holes from these bolts can be patched up quite quickly when you remove the wall.

Features of pressurized walls

These temporary walls come with a variety of features, and at times you will not know the difference from a regular wall. These include,

  • The soundproof material in the construction of the temporary wall gives it sound dampening qualities equal to a standard wall.
  • This type of wall is highly popular in metropolitan cities where flat sharing is quite common. You can use it to divide an apartment into a greater number of rooms thereby bringing the rent down.
  • Gets your affordable rent prices as well as increased chances of privacy while renting a shared space.
  • The pressurized temporary walls also come with features like doors, windows, bookcases, and molding. You also get various color schemes and choices to match with your interior décor.

Now time for some drawbacks

Quite naturally these pressurized temporary walls do come with certain disadvantages. These can be listed as the following,

  • You can hang items like pictures and decorative materials on a temporary wall, but you need to limit the weight of the material to a maximum of 30 pounds of items per side.
  • The primary concern is the safety and legality of the installation. Emergency responders criticize pressurized walls as they can create a disorienting layout in case of a fire or accident.

Keep in mind all of the facets mentioned above about a temporary wall before installing one at your property.

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