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How to Improve your Sprinkler System’s Performance

Written by Posted On Monday, 11 February 2019 20:18

Having a beautifully designed garden and lawn is a great way to upgrade your home, but it’s easy to overlook one of the most important parts of your yard.

Most people don’t give much thought to their sprinkler system. You set it and forget it every spring, hopefully remember to turn it off in the fall, and hope that it’s doing a good job.

With a couple of small tweaks, however, it’s possible to get a lot more out of your sprinkler system. From replacing a few key pieces of your system to changing your watering habits, it’s possible to reduce your water bill, make your system easier to manage, and increase coverage to the parts of your yard that need it most.

Smart Sprinkler Controllers

Smart sprinkler controllers make it easy to monitor, calibrate, and set your sprinklers right from your smart phone. Smart sprinkler controllers do away with confusing controls to shift the entire interface to an app. Most smart sprinkler controllers also come with a wide variety of other features, including syncing with local weather services, providing suggestions to improve your water usage, and syncing with a wide variety of other smart home devices.

Weather Sensors

Even if you aren’t ready for a smart sprinkler controller, consider investing in a weather sensor. Rain and freeze sensors that connect to your existing sprinkler controller can automatically shut off your system at the first sign of rain, so you don’t wait a week or two before realizing that you never shut your sprinklers off. While some areas mandate the use of weather sensors, they can also be worth it for areas that don’t.

High-Efficiency Nozzles

Installing high-quality nozzles would mainly be suitable for ensuring to decrease water usage as well as it is much more effective for the proper irrigations. Having a completely efficient shower head installed is more suitable for adjusting the high-efficiency nozzles to easily get only the required water for the irrigation.

No Frequent Watering

Sprinkler system mainly deals with more number of areas and it is important to reduce the droughts. Therefore, it is also most important to consider water conservation as the new light. It is a much more healthy option for easily caring for the lawn even without watering much frequently. The main key is to figure to the length of sprinklers to choose along with making the permanent settings.

Early Morning Watering Cycles

Changing the time of the day to water the lawn mainly makes a complete impact on efficient. Watering the lawn early in the morning is more efficient to decrease natural evaporation. With easily setting the sprinkler system for irrigating during the morning would also increase the absorption rate of water.

Increasing Water Pressure

If some parts of your yard don’t receive the coverage they should, your water pressure could be to blame. Be sure to check with your city’s water supplier, check your backflow valves to make sure they’re fully open, and make sure that your sprinkler system isn’t losing pressure due to a leak. Learn more about what to do if your sprinkler water pressure is too low or speak with a local irrigation specialist today to get it fixed.

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