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Is Buying a Condo in Mississauga a Smart Decision?

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 12 February 2019 06:05

Condo living is more than just a compromise. It is, in fact, a preferred way of life. So is buying a condo in Mississauga a smart decision? You may ask. Well, maybe it is, maybe not. This article provides an overview of condo living in Mississauga to help you make the best decision regarding your buying needs and settle for what suits you best. That being said, here are some of the reasons you should consider buying a condo in Mississauga.

1. Affordability

Now, affordability is one of the reasons many individuals choose to live in Mississauga condos. The new mortgage rules have almost made it impractical for many first time home buyers such as newcomers to own homes in such areas as Toronto, Mississauga and other places in the GTA. This leaves condo living as the most viable option.

Consequently, Mississauga has been the best destination for newcomers looking for condos at exceptional prices. For instance, statistics from TREB reckon that the average price of a Mississauga condo is nearly 35% cheaper than the condos in downtown Toronto.

In a nutshell, you will be saving as much as $80K to $100K when buying a condo in Mississauga. Could there really be a better deal on a condo than that?

2. Freedom and Privacy

One of the best things about Mississauga condos is that they can offer the same freedom and privacy as what you would expect when living in a single-family detached home in Mississauga. Additionally, you can also modify the interior of your condo based on the permission from the condo corporation.

3. Luxury

Luxury is indeed one of the most important aspects of our lives. And if you are fond of this habit like the majority then don’t even think twice about the Mississauga condos. With Mississauga condos, you can spend your weekends and holidays engaging in a variety of leisure activities such as playing tennis or golf and swimming among others.

Interestingly, you can enjoy your leisure activities without worrying about cleaning out the pool or mowing the lawn.

4. Choice

Mississauga features a wide collection of condos to choose from. For instance, some of the condo types you are likely to come across at Mississauga include square one condos, Erin Mills condos, Mississauga valleys condos, Churchill Meadows, port credit, Meadowvale, and Hurontario condos.

So clearly, you can never miss out on your desired condo every time you wish to buy a condo in Mississauga. And it never stops there because you can also buy resale condos in Mississauga as well as builder new condos in the same region.

Best of all, the square one condo category in Mississauga is not only strong and dynamic but also highly expected to grow over the coming years.

5. Investment Opportunities

Did you know that several investors are increasingly fueling the popularity of Mississauga condo living? Well, you may not be aware of this but there is a high demand for rental condo apartments in the GTA housing market in Mississauga.

To keep up with the aforementioned demand, many individual investors who buy the condos for rental purposes are currently available in Mississauga. So, this can clearly be an ideal business opportunity if you play your cards right.

6. Location and Connectivity

By now you should have known that condo living is prominent in Mississauga’s city center and downtown Mississauga. So what does this mean? Well, this location is regarded as a good trade-off for services and amenities.

For instance, the location facilitates easy access to highways and other frequent commuting connections. Besides, its proximity to the Toronto Pearson Airport is another advantage.

7. Mixed Demography

Condo living in Mississauga, specifically the Square One condos, can be regarded as the multi-cultural hub of downtown Mississauga. With a diverse population ranging from students to top corporate executives as well as retiring baby boomers, Mississauga condos are undoubtedly a home to everybody.

No wonder the celebration square in Mississauga city center is made lively all year round by festivals and celebrations from the diverse population.


So are there any limitations of buying a condo in Mississauga? Well, the only major limitation of condo living in Mississauga is that the condominium association may have restrictions on doing outdoor barbecues or owning pets. But again, this is never a major worry since you can always share your thoughts in the joint meetings with the corporation to find the best solution.

Platinum Realty-Your Ideal Choice to Find the Best Condos in Mississauga

So having looked at some of the advantages of buying a condo in Mississauga, it is all important to understand how you can find the best condos in the region. And this is where the role of Platinum Reality come in handy.

At Platinum Realty, all you need to do is to enter your home address and let the team help you find the best condos. Platinum Realty is located in the heart of Middlesex County and takes pride in offering the expertise and experience that the modern housing market demands. The site is one of the leading full-service real estate brokerage in the country.

Best of all, it uses nothing but the power of social media and the internet in addition to the perfect community ties to ensure a successful outcome every time.

Bottom Line

In summary, condo living is undoubtedly one of the best decisions you can make to lead a simple yet luxurious and more satisfying life. Condo living in Mississauga is expected to grow over the years so there is no harm in buying one at this early age and experience the plenty of benefits in many years to come.

But again, choosing the best condo can be such a daunting task, especially if you are a newcomer. Thankfully, Platinum Reality is here to help you locate the best condos in Mississauga and beyond. That said, think about Platinum Reality every time you think about condo living and enjoy the adventure.

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