How Does Smart Security Stop Burglaries?

Written by Posted On Friday, 15 February 2019 07:51

America is not immune to break-ins and burglaries. Theft and damage to property are causing millions of dollars’ worth of losses per year. Smart security can help to prevent and even stop this form of crime. Here is how it can help you to look after the things most valuable to you.

What is Smart Security?

Smart security is a subdivision of smart home products. These devices make use of the internet to connect to other products. It’s possible now to monitor and control smart security products from something as simple as a smartphone. You can keep an eye on your house and family without even being at home.

Your security systems will only be as “smart” as you make it. Make sure to understand how your products work. Install it correctly to get the most out of your products.

How Does It Actually Help?

Your smart security products work best when you connect it to other devices. Every device needs to connect to your Wi-Fi router. This will give you access to your devices without even being at home. You can even install these products in businesses. But, how will it stop burglaries?

Smart Alarms

Smart alarm systems are connected to a service provider and possibly even to the local authorities as well. Any breach of security will set off the alarm. Your service provider will notify you and the local police if your package includes it. Alarms systems help to scare burglars who gained access to your home.

Smart CCTV

Smart CCTV helps to supply real-time footage of the places it surveys. You can monitor your home through your smart cameras over a smartphone. You can know what is going on at home even when you are on holiday.

It also helps to prevent repeat break-ins. According to statistics found on, 87% of burglaries are unsolved due to a lack of witnesses and evidence. Camera footage can help to catch criminals and prevent future incidents. 51% of homes suffer repeat burglaries within one month of the initial break-in. CCTV footage can help to stop repeat burglaries.

Smart Lights and Motion Sensors

You can control smart lights over the internet. Switch it on at night over your smartphone whenever you are on holiday. You can switch it off during the day to save electricity. Sufficient lighting in and around your house can help to deter criminals from breaking and entering.

Motion sensors are usually combined with smart alarms. But it can also be connected to smart lights. The motion sensors will cause lights to go on whenever it senses movement in it’s designated search areas. It can also notify you of movement on your smartphone app.

Smart Locks and Doorbells

Smart locks are some of the most used smart security products on the market. It helps you to control the locks on your doors over other smart devices. You can allow access to friends and family without even being at home. Most importantly, it can make your smart alarm system go off whenever a breach of security is sensed. Local police will be notified of break-ins much faster. This helps to prevent and catch criminals.

A smart doorbell supplies you video footage of activity at your door. You can even have a conversation with guests over the unit. Manage package deliveries with ease over the holidays through a smart doorbell.

Smart Security and Wi-Fi Tip

There are many accounts of smart security products that have been hacked. Smart devices are not yet equipped with antivirus software. This allows hackers the opportunity to gain access to your smart security system. Smart security will be of much less use when it’s hacked.

You need to find a way to encrypt your network. Encrypting your network (your Wi-Fi) will help to mask the information sent over it. Hackers will struggle to gain access to it. This helps to protect all devices on your network that doesn’t have protection against malicious software attacks. WPA2 is a popular form of network encryption.

Smart Security is Here to Help!

Smart security products can change your life! It can help to keep criminals from causing you harm. Try it today and enjoy the peace of mind it gives.

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