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Las Vegas Electricians Show Realtors A New Way of Getting Business

Written by Posted On Thursday, 21 February 2019 21:43

Most real estate agents have sadly never heard of value arbitrage. Yet, it’s an incredibly powerful way of earning new business. In short, value arbitrage for real estate agents is the idea of leveraging relationships between professionals to become a massive source of value. According to the Las Vegas Electricians at Callidus, this is one of the most powerful ways of earning business.

What The End Looks Like

After following the steps in this guide, the end of the process looks like you creating a small booklet called the Ultimate Home Owners manual and giving it to every client you close and sharing it with a whole lot of professionals. This booklet is like your own mini BNI because it will contain the contact information of plumbers, landscapers, electricians, and any other service provider that you can think of.

The reason this is so powerful is because you’ll be creating an automated form of referral generation because once you give the booklet, the receivers will have access to it 24/7.

How to Gather the Right Professionals

The agreement is that if you’re going to share their contact information with your customers than they’re going to share it with theirs. For that reason, you want to contact, vet and work in as many different niches as possible. Some people to go for include local:

-       Plumbers

-       Electricians

-       Landscapers

-       Accountants

-       Contractors

-       Tree Cutters

-       Renovators

-       Home Designers

-       Architects

-       Personal trainers

-       Nutritionists

-       Doctors

-       Attorneys

And keep in mind, there’s so many sub niches with doctors and attorneys so you can even go deeper there.

How to Brand the Booklet

Ideally, you want your booklet so have some authoritative name even if there’s no real authority behind it. So for example, if your town’s name is Bakersfield, then you’d want to call it “The Official Bakersfield Professional Manual”.

The Effect

In a local town, business cards are exchanged at an insane rate. Imagine then when instead of a business card, an electrician can distribute this manual. Or a plumber gives it. And then you give one away. The point being is that it exponentially amplifies the amount of people that have access to your contact information.

It’s the type of marketing that keeps on giving because it’s no pressure, it’s not intrusive, and it’s genuinely a valuable and useful item.

The Proper Way to Track

It’s important that everyone tracks who has a copy of the booklet. The reason being is that if you ever need to update it, you want to automatically send a copy of the updated one to the original owners. Having information like people’s addresses and names will make this coalition of marketing partners even more powerful.

Relationship Building

If you’re a real estate agent and you present this idea to several professionals, get them on-board, and they get business from it, then you can bet that you’re now a valuable relationship to that person. Most likely, they’ll be sending you business and working to maintain their status in your group harder than ever. In short, this is a form of marketing that on its own increases in power and magnitude with passing time.

In Conclusion

This one simple marketing technique discovered by Las Vegas electricians is one of the most potent, community building strategies that a realtor can employ to grow their business.

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