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Tips and tricks of choosing the perfect real estate agent when hunting for properties

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 26 February 2019 21:52

Can anything be more exciting than the buying and selling of a property? The thrill of the hunting process and the excitement of getting a deal done is what enhances the whole process, and you feel like you have achieved something. But for the process to go smoothly and without any hiccups, you do need an expert real estate service or agent with extensive knowledge about the ins-outs of the business.


But the problem is there are a lot of brokers and agents flooding the market today, and it is quite challenging to make the right choice while selecting a particular service. How do you find the perfect fit as per your requirements? How to find the right real estate agent who will ensure that your property is sold at the top dollar or you get the best deal while buying a property? 

If you are looking for tips and tricks of choosing a perfect real estate agent, like The Connolly Agency - Bradley Beach Real Estate, all you need to do is read on! In the following sections, we have compiled a list of easy to follows tips to make your selection process a lot easier. So without further ado let us get right down to it!

#Pro tip 1 – Choosing the person and not the service

You need to choose an agent or a service who will work for you and with you. We all make the same mistake of going for a service with tons of experience. Experience is good to have but if truth be told it is not everything. In actuality you will be spending a lot of time with the agent, so you need to find someone you gel well with. An agent must be good at talking and negotiating a better deal for you, be it for selling or buying. So it is ideal that you choose an agent or a service that is relatable, personable and likable. It will ensure that you get the best bang for your buck when you invest in a real estate agent.

#Pro tip 2 – Chemistry is everything

The key to a successful partnership between you and the real estate agent is the chemistry. Without chemistry, any relationship falls apart, and this is especially true in the business world. A general rule of thumb to follow is to have talks with at the very least 3 real estate agents from the locality you are looking to get a property at. You need to be sure whether the marketing by the agency is strictly for the benefit of their business or do they really care about the properties? A professional real estate agency will be honest and trustworthy. Make sure of the chemistry between you and your agent.

#Pro tip 3 – You need the referrals

With the advent of 21st-century science and technology, the internet has become the most popular search tool. Chances are you will be looking at the portfolios of various real estate agents and agencies while carefully examining the user reviews listed at the respective website. It is all well and good, but the important thing to keep in mind is that selection of the right real estate agent is a very human choice. So the best you can do in this situation is that go for referrals from previous employers of the service. There is usually an expert real estate agent in any area you will be searching properties at. So make sure you get the referral from a friend, family member or a previous customer.

#Pro tip 4 – Finding someone with your best interests at heart

Real estate agencies are strictly business organizations, so at the end of the day, they will look to profit with respect to the effort they put in. All the advertisement campaigns, words of encouragement and portfolios are directed towards attracting you, the customer. But you need to keep in mind that a professional real estate agent/service will always keep your best interest at heart. You need to be upfront and ask the question directly during the preliminary talks. Don’t be shy; it is after all your money!

#Pro tip 5 – The agent who you can trust

Well, that is quite a heavy word! Trust, but it is imperative as well. It takes a human being to help you achieve your specific goals and a lot of honest effort. You can easily gather options of purchase off the internet, but the agent needs to have passion and conviction to work for you and your specific needs. Pay attention to how to appear and what they say about a specific property. The promotions, advertisement for a property and the sales pitches by the agency are some of the critical points that you must go over in details.

#Pro tip 6 – Making sure of the logistical support

You need to do your research before investing and signing the dotted line. Your real estate agent needs to be supported by a team. A professional service will also provide for logistical support for all the customers they work with. You must never overlook this aspect since many logistical issues need to get smoothened before the buying/selling of the property. Any delay due to unavailability of staff may lead to missing out on the deal you have been eyeing for months.

#Pro tip 7 – Looks for the qualities

There are specific parameters of quality that you must absolutely look forward to when selecting the real estate service. The primary among them is the mitigation of risk. An expert agent will be able to inform you about the market level performance of the locality you are interested in and the long term impact of your decision with respect to your investment.

Secondly, the firm or the agent will have an impeccable track record which certifies that you are working with a top expert. It will also ensure that he/she will have the highest quality inventory. Look for strong core values of integrity and compassion in your real estate agent.

Finally, you need to maintain clear lines of communication with your real estate agent as to the requirements and specifications you are looking for. Scour the internet for all the info you can gather about a specific locality, property and the real estate agents operating in the area. All the best!

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