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How To Wire A Thermostat

Written by Posted On Thursday, 07 March 2019 08:44

Having some basic notions on how to wire a thermostat can save you the trouble of purchasing a new thermostat and installing it or waiting for a specialists in the field to come at your home to fix it. As expected you school classes don’t teach you how to wire a thermostat and unless you are an electrician you have little knowledge in regards to how air conditioning or heating systems work.

Either for money saving purposes or for your own increase in general knowledge you might find it useful to learn the basis on how to wire a thermostat, as this not as a complicated process as it sounds. Usually most types of thermostats have low maintenance requirements.

First of all, you should know exactly how to wire a thermostat in order to be able to check, in the case it doesn’t work, if it’s properly wired. This step enables you to determine beforehand if the problem comes form here or isn’t even remotely connected tot he thermostat.

As air conditioning systems work by splitting or packaging systems with gas, oil or electric heat. Before accusing your thermostat of not working properly make sure you have the corresponding thermostat for your AC system or heating system.

Before proceeding to wiring or checking the wiring to your thermostat make sure you have within reach all the tools necessary and go one or twice through the steps to follow as you would be able to say that you know how to wire a thermostat.

Any “how to wire a thermostat” guide will point out the need to use for the following tools: a small Phillips screwdriver, a pair of needle nose pliers, a straight lot screwdriver, a small level, two pencils, plastic wall anchors, a drill, a utility knife and some paint for the finishing touches. The best way to feel at ease with your how to wire a thermostat notions is to make sure you read all the instructions twice and to follow some common sense rules to any installations: clean hands and proper lighting during the wiring.

After gathering all the tools necessary turn off the power supply to the thermostat as to prevent shocking yourself. Double check this step of the “how to wire a thermostat” guide by turning the thermostat on and seeing if the green led is lit. Proceed to carefully removing the front cover of the thermostat and take a mental or an actual picture of the inner setup of the wiring. See which wire goes where and note if any wire appears as not to be connected to anything. Do this to make sure that if you want to install a new thermostat you know how to wire the thermostat as to look the same with the old one.

To check if everything is correctly wired make sure that you check a wiring diagram that shows you exactly how to wire a thermostat. As such, the red wire is connected to the thermostat RH or RC terminal or to the R terminal if the terminal is shared between cooling and heating. The green wire is connected to the G terminal and it usually controls the fan or the blower. The yellow wire need to be connected with the Y terminal which is in charge of the air conditioning, and, last but not least, the W wire should be connected to the W terminal as to assure proper control over the heating. Connecting these wires right is the back bone to knowing how to wire a thermostat.

Upon checking these connections and correcting them if necessary make sure that the bare wire doesn’t touch anything else except for the terminal. If it does function properly you know now how to wire a thermostat.

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