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Take Care of Your AC Before Summer Hits

Written by Posted On Friday, 15 March 2019 01:48

Spring is right around the corner, although that’s easier for some people to believe than others. If you live in a place like Texas, you may already be taking walks in 70-degree temperatures. But if you’re in Minnesota, you’re still walking around icy patches on your way to the mailbox.

Regardless of where you live, the start of spring means it’s time to start thinking about your air conditioner. You want to be sure it works well enough to keep you nice and cool all summer. Here’s how to get your AC in tip-top shape over the next few weeks.

Know the warning signs

It’s easy to assume that your air conditioner is working just fine. If there was a problem, you would know, right? Maybe, but not necessarily. Some signs of a struggling AC are more subtle than others. For instance, is your home a little more humid than usual? The AC should mitigate your home’s humidity to make it more comfortable. If it’s not doing that, something may not be working properly.

You should also be aware of any fluid leaks around your AC unit. That doesn’t just mean your unit is working hard because it’s hot outside. Pay special attention to how your unit behaves the first few times you turn it on in March or April. If there’s liquid, the best-case scenario is that it’s water. The worst-case scenario is leaking refrigerant. In either case, you need to contact AC repair Cape Coral and make an appointment. A trained technician should be able to identify the problem and tell you what, if any, repairs are needed.

Finally, listen to your nose. When you turn on your AC, you should feel cool, clean air. You shouldn’t smell anything unpleasant. If you do, there may be a mold problem. Mold problems can cause health issues, among other things, so you’ll want to get that looked at as soon as possible.

Schedule routine maintenance

Currently, it’s easy to call an HVAC company when there’s a problem. But by April or May, you’re going to have a lot of competition from other homeowners who are just now noticing their AC isn’t working properly. That means you could end up waiting weeks for a technician to make it to your home. That may not sound so bad, but it could be disastrous if your unit breaks down in the middle of a late-spring or early-summer heat wave.

That’s why your best bet is to buy a routine maintenance package from an HVAC company you trust. Think of air conditioner tune-ups the same way you think of regular physicals and routine dental services. In the latter case, you know that you need to call your dentist every six months or so to get your teeth cleaned. As winter winds down, you should also call your HVAC company to schedule an AC check. Depending on the package you purchased, it may not even cost you anything extra.

Conserve energy

Spring is also an ideal time to come up with a plan to conserve energy. If you’re lucky enough to have AC, then you should use it. But that doesn’t mean you have to use it all the time. Set goals for energy consumption now. By the time June and July arrive, it’s going to be a lot more tempting to just set the AC to high and worry about paying the utility bill later.

The U.S. Department of Energy says you should set your indoor temperature to be as close as possible to the outdoor temperature. A smaller discrepancy means your AC won’t have to work as hard. Now, if it’s 90 degrees outside, that doesn’t mean your indoor thermostat should be set to 85. That’s neither safe nor comfortable. But see how well you do when you keep your thermostat somewhere in the high 70s.


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