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6 Energy-Efficient Home Remodeling Ideas to Increase Your Property’s Value

Written by Posted On Monday, 18 March 2019 23:30


There comes a time for you to sell your home. As a homeowner, you can start looking for ideal ways that can help increase your home’s property value. You can make home improvements that will help improve your property’s value while making your home more energy efficient.

There are a lot of ways to remodel your house to make it more energy efficient. You can replace your light bulbs with energy saving bulbs and install solar panels that can help save energy and increase your property’s value. To catch you up, here are a few energy-efficient remodeling ideas to help improve your home’s property value.

Consider Replacing Your Cooling and Heating Systems

Replacing your old cooling and heating systems is an ideal way to make your home energy efficient. Your air conditioning and heating systems could only last for fifteen to twenty years. When these appliances get older, they might perform inefficiently. Hence, replacing them is ideal to obtain an optimal temperature and increase your home’s value efficiently.

Your cooling and heating systems consume about 43 percent of your energy bills. You can save about 30 percent of your bills when you buy new appliances. The likes of highly efficient heating and cooling equipment and other reliable energy providers such as Astral Energy LLC will help reduce your energy consumption and save money.

You Can Install New Windows


Your old windows might waste a lot of energy in your house. You can replace them and install new windows to save about 15 percent of your energy bills. Doing it will help make your house more energy efficient while increasing your home’s property value.

Old windows can also affect the overall look of your home by making the area look drafty. The glass can become loose, clouded, and cracked as time passes by which make your house look cheap and old. Hence, you can install new windows for your home remodel as a cost-effective way to beautify your house.

You Can Relocate Your Refrigerator

Relocating your refrigerator is one of the ways to achieve an energy efficient home remodel. As one of the essential kitchen appliances, it would be ideal to place your fridge in a cool area to help keep your food fresh all the time. Doing it is also vital to save money from your energy bills.

However, when you place your refrigerator in an area that has direct exposure to sunlight, it might absorb more heat allowing your fridge to work harder to stay cool. Instead, you can locate it in a spot away from the sun. You can put your fridge about 8 centimeters away from your wall to allow proper airflow.

Get a Cool Metal Roof

A metal roof is a metal-based roof covering that can provide your house with enhanced energy efficiency with the help of its solar reflectance and infrared emittance capabilities. Metal roofing is ideal for your home upgrade since it helps keep your home’s temperature balanced all the time.

Metal roofing will help you save energy by reducing your home’s unnecessary warm and cold temperature. It can also add value to your property by providing high-quality insulation and ventilation for your roof.

Switch to Solar Energy


If you have plans on selling your home in the future, switching over to using solar energy is an excellent investment. The solar panels are a long-term investment that can help make your house more energy efficient.

The sunlight is an ideal renewable energy resource you can utilize that allows you to save money by reducing your electricity bills. Solar panels are also a perfect investment to help increase your property’s value in an eco-friendly way.

Get the Energy Efficient Appliances

The energy-efficient appliances are ideal for your home remodel. Energy saving appliances like dyers, washing machines, refrigerators, oven, and more are excellent investments that will make your home more energy efficient while helping increase your property’s value.

Most of your home’s energy consumption is coming from your appliances. So you can upgrade them to be more energy efficient to help you save money while reducing your carbon emission that’s harmful to the environment.


If you’re selling your house, an energy-efficient home remodeling is ideal to increase your home’s property value. Upgrading your home to be more energy efficient can help save money by reducing your utility bills. Indeed, you can improve your house by making home remodeling ideas such as those mentioned above and get a good deal in the future.

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