Tips to sunproof your Rattan outdoor furniture

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Outdoor furniture is a big investment, and no one will like them to be damaged within a few years. Most of the people pay a lot of attention to moisture, dirt, stain but forget to consider the most obvious factor that decides how many years the furniture is going to last. The rays for the sun cause a lot of damage to the furniture, and one should seriously consider sunproof their outdoor furniture. Too much exposure to the sun can cause fading away from the color and protective layer as well. For some materials, if the protective layer fades away, then the entire furniture is going to be damaged as it is going to react with water and other chemicals. This is why it is crucial to take specific steps to protect your rattan outdoor furniture from the sun. Let us see some of the ways to do so.


1) Store it inside when not being used

One of the most significant advantages of having portable furniture is that it can be moved and stored inside when it is not being used. If the furniture is fixed outside, it has to resist itself from harmful UV rays of the sun, harsh weather conditions and it is evident that the number of years for it could have lasted is going to be less. If you plan on purchasing fixed furniture, make sure that you are buying the ones which are made of useful materials to ensure that the harmful rays do not easily damage them. You have little more freedom to choose the material if the furniture is portable. In this case, you can store the furniture inside when not in use. Before you keep them inside, it is necessary that you clean them and cover them properly to prevent dust from settling down.


2) Fabric Umbrellas

It is not just trending because of the fantastic view it provides, but it also plays a vital role in blocking the harmful rays of the sun from damaging your outdoor furniture. You can look for them in The fabric umbrellas are mostly used in places where the temperate is too high to protect yourselves from the hot rays of the sun. It can also be used to keep the UV rays off the outdoor chairs. However, make sure that you take the umbrella down once the sun is gone because the wind might also blow it away during the night.


3) Use patio cover

There are patio coves available in the market which can be used to cover the outdoor furniture. The sheets can be used where an umbrella is not fit to be used like for large sofas. It acts almost like a carpet cover, and you can cover the couches with it when you are not using them. There are also opaque patio covers available which are even better because it doesn't allow any sun rays to penetrate inside and affect the furniture. The glass covers let the UV rays in but are good protection against water.


4) Special fabrics for sunproof

It is evident that fabrics are going to break down ultimately when it is placed under the sun for hours. The harmful rays of the sun are going to destroy the material after a few months eventually. To prevent so, you can spend a little more on onetime investment and get special fabrics which are designed to avoid the damage caused by UV rays. They can last up to for almost ten years which is pretty nice.


5) UV protection sprays

There are UV protection sprays available in the market, and it almost works like sunscreen. When the liquid is sprayed upon the furniture, it prevents the damage that is caused from the sunrays. You need to check out how to apply it which is mentioned in the instruction book. Depending upon the brand, you will again have to reapply it after a particular time which is also going to be said.


6) Inspection

After you have invested so much in buying furniture, it is essential to spend some time to inspect the condition of the furniture and covers as well. The harmful UV rays of the sun can do some severe damage to the furniture and if you can't avoid it, at least inspect it to be aware of the damage that is caused. Along with the fading fabric, there are going to be damages caused to the plastic and woods as well. The rays are going to weaken the furniture over time, and you should check them to prevent any significant accident. The items which are made of wood, plastic, wicker should be inspected twice every year to check if they have weakened or not.


These are some of the tips which can help you to protect your furniture from the sun. It is not a very difficult task to maintain it, but one needs to give it some time and effort to do so. If proper maintenance is not taken, the furniture has to be replaced within months, which is not a very good idea. This is why it is advisable to inspect and protect it over time.

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