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Instagram Growth For Real Estate Agents

Written by Posted On Sunday, 14 April 2019 23:40

Are you a real estate agent interested in using Instagram to attract new leads and sales? If so, continuing reading as this post will include all the necessary information to help you make a sound marketing decision.

Let’s break down the obvious facts here. Instagram is the most popular social media network in the world. Beating Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn Instagram is no small market. The platform has over 1bn users monthly in 2019 with at least 500 million active users daily. Phenomenal right? But what does this mean for you as a real estate agent.

While this once early adopter platform was all the rage for its quirky cat image culture, . Today Instagram’s slew of features are vastly beneficial to business owners who excel is visual presentation similar to open houses. In fact, Instagram is filled with features that are ideal marketing tools for Real estate agents, including:

  • Stories
  • Carousel images
  • Feed Images
  • Built In Call to Actions
  • Video content
  • Photo content

Instagram Growth for Real Estate Agents

Growing your Instagram account can provide numerous benefits include organic lead acquisition, brand visibility, and social or word-of-mouth referrals. You don’t have to do it on your own. You can leverage authentic agencies like Ampfluence who provide Instagram growth for real estate agents. If this is not convincing enough take a look at some examples of real estate accounts that yield daily exposure in their respective niches by simply utilizing a free Instagram account.

5 Examples Real Estate Agents Using Instagram Today

Here are few examples of regular real estate agents who are leveraging Instagram to promote their listings and brand.

As you can see from the list above there are man different real estate at all levels using Instagram today. Why? It’s quite simple. Instagram is the hub for visual content and social leads. Just one real estate sale will instantly cover any costs associated with Instagram growth. More importantly, if showcased properly 1 sale on Instagram can lead to multiple referrals since it’s the ideal platform to share milestones like the purchase of a first home or your client’s luxury buy.

Tips on Instagram Growth For Real Estate Agents

If you’re a realtor just getting started with Instagram. Below are some tips to help you improve your Instagram marketing.

Social Proof not Vanity Metrics

It’s important to understand the purpose of an Instagram account. Unlike traditional ads in a newspaper which are mass distributed in batches. Instagram gives realtors the opportunity to engage daily with his or her audience. If you’re just starting your Instagram account focus on creating a daily feed of social proof. Some examples you can use to accomplish this include:

Take images with clients after closing on a property and tag the client with their permission this gives the client’s associations the opportunity to engage with you as well. Inevitably resulting in a very natural flowing lead acquisition process.

Showcase expertise in your niche

Instead of aggressive gorilla tactics marketing showcase your expertise whether in luxury real estate or specific local communities.

For example, take pictures of everyday life in communities where you often sale real estate. If you do this often enough you’ll become the go to agent in that area, especially on social.

Accept Help Marketing Your Instagram Account

Perhaps you’re not a social media guru but you recognize the value in marketing on Instagram. You can always get help from an Organic Instagram Growth agency which will take care of the everyday marketing activities. In addition to this many growth agencies likes Ampfluence can manage the entire growth process including content creation, content scheduling, targeting research, and follower growth.

Final Thoughts on Instagram Growth For Real Estate Agents

Instagram is filled with so many opportunities to leverage from it’s feature packed app, active user base, and even advertising mediums. Truthfully, the only way to fail at Instagram marketing in this day and age is failing to get started.

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