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6 Upgrades To Increase Your Home's Value

Written by Posted On Monday, 15 April 2019 02:55

Buying a home is one of the most important investments you’ll make in your life. Usually, you’ll have to work for longer hours and save a lot of money before you can afford to buy one. Because of its importance, you would always want to make the most out of your home – even when you’re about to move. Before you scout for moving companies NYC or type in “movers near me” in your online browser, make sure that you’re also working on increasing your home’s value. This will allow you to earn money, even more than the price of your home when you bought it.

There are a lot of ways on how you can increase your home’s value. While some of these techniques require professional help, others can be done on your own. To ensure that you’ll be able to sell your home at the best price possible, consider doing the following home upgrades:

1.   Repaint your front door with another color.

How your front door looks can create a big impression on your guests and potential buyers. Since this is one of the first areas visible to the public, you need to make sure that this actually looks nice. Depending on your theme and style preference, you can paint your front door with a color which contrasts or complements your home. You can even paint it with loud colors or pastel hues – everything is basically up to you!

2.   Change old fixtures.

Your home will never be complete without fixtures. You need your home to be well-lit and to have a sufficient supply of water all the time. But no matter how useful these fixtures are, you should still be wary of how old they actually are. If your fixtures are at least five years old, consider switching to newer models. Don’t wait for these to get damaged or broken in order to avoid unwanted costs.

3.   Add some installation in your attic.

A home which offers additional and unique space will always be attractive in a buyer’s eyes. If you want to get their attention the moment you sell your house in the market, add installation in your attic. Gone are the days when this area is only used for storage or aesthetic design; today, more and more homeowners are using their attics as their bedroom and even entertainment area. Excite your buyers by providing a well-insulated attic.

4.   Replace your garage door.

Just like the attic, your garage can also become your edge once you decide to sell your home. A garage is a requirement especially for buyers who have their own vehicles or who are looking for additional storage. To ensure that your garage creates a positive impression, assess the look of your garage door. Does it match the overall theme of your home? Is it still functional? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it might be a good time to replace your garage door. You need to make sure that this keeps the entire household safe.

5.   Fix up minor handyman projects in your house.

As mentioned, your home will never be complete without working fixtures. Your home should be free from any leaking pipes and sagging roof in order to increase its value. This is the reason why you should regularly check every area of your house and repair minor problems. If you have experience in working with the pipes under your sink, drains in your bathroom or shingle replacement, conduct repairs (or replacements) as soon as possible. This will prevent any problems from getting worse.

If you think you can’t fix these problems on your own, opt to call professionals. Hiring them might cost money from your pocket, but their skills and experience will be a cost-effective solution. Don’t pretend to be an all-around handyman when you know you’re not qualified to be one.

6.   Attend to your landscaping.

As a homeowner, you shouldn’t only think about your home itself but the property in general. Aside from making your house look good and functional, you should also attend to your landscaping. This is important especially if you have a large lot or property. You can make use of your land area by planting fruits or vegetables or turning it into a landscape. If you have the budget and resources, you can even add outdoor furniture.

Think Of The Long-Term Benefits

Your home comes with an expensive price tag. Most often than not, you had to take out a loan and pay for it in years so that you can provide a safe and comfortable place for your entire family. If you don’t want all of your efforts to be wasted, make sure that you’re considering upgrades for your home before moving. The money you’ll spend on these upgrades will go a long way for you to earn more money from your investment.

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