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Townhomes vs. Apartments – 5 Reasons Why Townhomes Win

Written by Posted On Monday, 15 April 2019 04:59

A majority of people have difficulty in deciding on whether to stay in an apartment or a townhome. These two homes offer the most affordable options for most people. In case you do not know the difference between the two, here it is; townhomes are a group of homes where each home is a building independent of other homes and consisting of more than one floor. An apartment, on the other hand, is a combination of homes built within a single building.

Both apartments and townhomes share walls, with apartments also sharing ceilings and floors. Both can either be owned or rented. In case you do not have the budget to buy one, you can go for townhomes for rent. Townhomes generally offer more benefits than apartments. Let us look at the reasons why townhomes win.

  1. 1. More space and independence at value for money

If you are more worried about having a big space, then go for a townhome. With a townhome, you will have the whole home to yourself which can be from two to four floors. You also get to use the land on which the townhome is on and also that which surrounds it. The extra area is a bonus space on the outside where you get to own a small front and back yard where you can do your grilling, walk your pets, sit outside for some fresh air, have some quality family time, and so on.

As if that is not enough, you get more space if you find a home which has a basement area. You can save storage and parking costs as well as the need to struggle for space with your neighbors. You get all the free storage space you need. Ultimately, you get to enjoy the privacy that you and your family need.

Additionally, you do not get to share basic facilities such as the laundry which is common in most apartments.

An apartment is not a good choice when you are looking for space. Most apartments range from 1 to 3 bedroom spaces and come with shared laundry. You may find yourself sharing spaces such as parking slots leaving you with little freedom and privacy.

If you have a huge family, some pets, or you need some extra accommodation for relatives and friends, a townhome is an ideal home for you. The many floors offer enough room for everyone. Further, townhomes are less expensive than single homes and still provide similar benefits to owning a home, giving you that single family feeling at an affordable price. With an apartment, even having a pet can be a nuisance due to space constraints.

  1. 2. Neighbors are not much of a nuisance if you are in a townhome

Apart from the noises you could hear from your neighbor due to the shared walls of a townhome, the environment is mostly quiet and peaceful. First, you have no one to clash with over shared basic facilities. Secondly, you own the top and bottom floor of your home, both upstairs or downstairs which keeps off noisy neighbors. With an apartment, you have neighbors all around you –upstairs, downstairs, left and right. There are more opportunities for noise and nuisance.

Again, you do not want to own a pet if you live in an apartment. For those who live in apartments and own pets, you have to deal with the frustration of having to walk your pets out of the building when they need some exercise so that you do not disturb the neighbors you share the space with.

Since you have more space when living in a townhome; there is no need to walk your pets outside the building, making it easier to keep pets.

3. Townhomes are not always more expensive than apartments

As much as many people think that townhomes are more expensive, that is not always the case. Many factors determine the price of either a townhome or an apartment. You could get a townhome that is cheaper than an apartment. Factors that determine the cost of a home include the size of the home, rooms available, its location, and the amenities that a landlord provides.

  1. You do not pay maintenance fees if you are renting

For both a townhome and an apartment, you do not pay maintenance fees if you are a tenant. That means, it is more meaningful to get a townhome because living in an apartment doesn’t offer you any more reduced costs other than rent. Remember, it is possible to get a townhome which is cheaper than an apartment depending on the factors stated above.

5. You have the combined benefit of privacy and enhanced security

With an apartment, you may have many neighbors who make you feel more secure, but you lose out on privacy. To get the benefit of both privacy and security, a townhome is the better choice. Though you do not many have neighbors all around, you have the security of having a few neighbors which is fine. Moreover, most townhomes are gated which further enhances the security of dwellers.

If you live in a townhome, you may not even notice that your neighbors are not around, which will lessen that freaky feeling of being left all alone in the compound. It is different when you have many neighbors in an apartment. When they go, it is so noticeable, and you are left to feel like you are in the whole building all by yourself.

In summary, a townhome, apart from offering you the space, privacy, and freedom you need to live and enjoy your life as a family unit, has the additional benefit of being just as secure as an apartment. If you are looking for more of a single home feeling at an affordable price, a townhome should be your choice. You rarely have to worry about distractions coming from your surrounding neighbors. For those who are keen on cleanliness, a townhome is an excellent choice as you do not have to put up with the dirty stairs or other facilities you may have to share with your neighbors if you live an apartment.

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