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What is the difference between a compound miter saw and a sliding miter saw?

Written by Posted On Monday, 15 April 2019 05:38

Compound miter saw which is also known as the stationary compound miter saw or bench miter saw is able to cut more than the simple miter angle. It posses of the pivoting arm which let the tip of the blade to aside, resulting in the bevel cut. The reason of being referred as the compound is this that the tilted angle of the blade let the miter cut the board into two angles at the same time, a miter cut and the bevel cut.

As the compound miter does not have rails like sliding miter saw you are not limited, thus you have a greater cutting arc. It is considered as one of the great advantage while working with compound miter saw. Also the width of the material that you cut with a compound miter saw processing 11-inch blade size will cut the board up to 6-inch wide. Many people working with wooden board cutting will rarely need to cut the boards more than 6inch which is fare but if you would need to cut more than 6-inch then you would need to go for other option for sure.

Sliding miter saw already having the word “sliding" makes great difference while comparing with compound miter saw. As sliding miter has rail or rails that enables the saw to slide forward or backward while cutting. The function is almost same of the sliding and non-sliding miter saw but the sliding miter has more capacity to handle great thickness of the material which makes great difference. For example if the 12-inch blade of sliding miter saw is attached then it will cut the board up to 16-inche thick. It is probably heavy-duty power tool and used to cut thick lumber, boards or even logs as well.

You can use compound miter saw for small jobs, thin material or long material. Where as the sliding miter saw is used for thick material and heavy-duty jobs are performed with it. Surely you are able to perform great jobs from sliding miter saw but way high price tag is also attached with it. It depends on the nature of the job you are dealing with, we have discussed the cons and pro with you for both the miter saw. You can select the best by looking at the requirement of your job. The best decision made will help you get the better results for sure

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