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Top 5 Land Casinos In London

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 16 April 2019 20:50

Though gambling is one of the top performing business segments of the United Kingdom, London is essentially the gambling capital. The city is speckled with a plethora of casinos and with so many options, it’s tough to choose the right one. So, here we have collaborated with to come up with a list of top five must-visit casinos of London. If you are a frequent casino visitor, these five places on your priority list.

1. The Grosvenor Victoria Casino

One of the premier casinos of the city, the Grosvenor Victoria Casino first made its appearance as the Victoria Sporting Club in 1960. Presently it’s popular as “The Vic”. The Sporting Club emerged as casino after the addition of card games to its already long list of the sporting activities. In the following years, The Vic has focused on adding a wide variety of casino games with poker as its prime attraction. Currently, The Vic is the home to the UK Poker Tour’s Grand Final tournament. Serving its customers 24/7, the Grosvenor Victoria Casino is one of the leading casinos of the UK that offers a comprehensive list of table, poker, and card games that guarantee plenty of cash games. The Vic also hosts live tournaments regularly.

2. Aspers Stratford

The casino is located Westfield, the shopping and entertainment hotspot of the city. It’s a fantastic place, and you will find all sorts of casino games here. However, the place is mostly famous for poker and the big tournaments that are being organized here every month. This casino also arranges to monthly slot tournaments for the enthusiastic slot gamers.

3. The Palm Beach Casino

This is certainly one of the best casinos in London. Located in the grand Mayfair hotel, the prime attraction of this casino is the cash games as well as the high roller tournaments. The lure of winning cash prize almost every day brings people at this place. It’s open for 24 hours and private table for booking is available. No wonder, the Palm Beach Casino is primarily made for the high-end poker parties with an eye for class & sophistication. With a brand new dice table as the recent addition, this casino is undoubtedly one of the leading names of the UK casinos.

4. Park Lane Casino

As the name suggests, it’s undoubtedly a place for the high-class poker enthusiasts. Offering an exquisite setting, with the provision of private as well as the outdoor areas, this casino charge a membership charge of £1,000. No outsiders or the amateurs are allowed in this place, as this casino is exclusively designed for the high-end players. To amp up a little more, the restaurant comes with a fantastic restaurant, Jewel of Mayfair that brings you a platter of delicacies from around the world. A bit pricey indeed, Park Lane Casino gives you the ultimate experience that a lavish casino goer can ever ask for.

5. The Casino at the Empire

Set on the heart of Leicester Square, this is one of the exclusive casinos of London. It brings you the best of Vegas with its handpicked casino games that includes challenging poker tournaments along with premium games that promise cash prizes with every win. The prime attraction is the cash race for 25,000 that’s being guaranteed everyday. One can indulge in their favourite casino tournament while enjoying free access to the four luxury bars.

So, are you ready to step up your casino experience by visiting these places?

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