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Highly recommended products for realtors to prep homes for showings

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 30 April 2019 12:40

Home showings can be a delight for interested buyers, but not always for the realtors. Their job involves careful prep work, ensuring the home looks as appealing as possible. Fortunately, with the right tools, the task of showing off a home that's for sale can become much easier.

Paper towels

Messes happen, and a realtor shouldn't be caught off guard by these kinds of surprises. Keeping a roll or two of absorbent paper towels on hand can help with emergency cleanup sessions. An actual towel can also be useful, but a realtor will need a place to store the towel once it's dampened or dirty.


A canister vacuum is another essential item for realtors. Lightweight models like the ZeroG weightless vacuum are versatile enough to clean carpets, hardwood floors, and stairs with minimum effort. The ZeroG doesn't roll; it hovers. So, a realtor can quickly maneuver the cleaner around the home and take care of emergency messes. After the home is ready for the showing, this vacuum's compact design allows it to be easily stored out of sight.


Making a home smell nice isn't always as straightforward as it seems – especially for realtors. Air fresheners might seem like an obvious solution, but some people are put off by specific scents. A better idea is to open a few windows and let the space air out naturally. Then, brew some coffee to fill the air with a scent that's familiar (and relieving) to most adults. Anyone who is viewing the home can partake of available coffee and more.


In addition to coffee, setting up a table of cookies or other baked goods is also a wise strategy. Freshly baked goods give off a welcome aroma, and they also satisfy guests. A selection of gluten-free snacks should also be included.

Computer or Radio

After cleaning up any eyesores and freshening up the smell of the home, it's time to complete the ambience with a little music. A computer or radio can play some tunes that helps relax or energize anyone who steps into the house.

Pen and Paper

Two final items that every realtor should keep handy are a simple notepad and pen. You never know when little bits of information will need to be recorded. A realtor can use the computer to take notes, but if something needs to be written down and shared with someone who's viewing the property, it's best to pass it along on paper.

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  • State: Michigan
  • Address: 9593 Wyman Rd, Edmore, MI,
  • City: Edmore
  • Zipcode: 48829
  • SOLD: no
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