Home Remedies to Clean Greasy Kitchen Glass Cabinets That Look New & Flashy

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Glass display cabinets are fashionable and trendy for expanding storage space within the kitchen. A kitchen should always look neat and inviting. Glass display cabinets should be kept neat and clean by avoiding any stains and grease. You can do this by creating a cleaning schedule which will help you to remove any little dirt that may result to stains in the long run. Glass surfaces that are stained or have grease on them look unattractive and may be a cause of a dirty looking kitchen. A dirty looking kitchen can be embarrassing and uncomfortable to use. Usually, if you have glass surfaces in the kitchen or other space, you have no option to keep them clean and attractive things before buying glass cabinets . The only way o makes the interior decor look amazing is maintaining their shiny and flashy look. You do not expect to have a stained-glass display cabinet which looks amazing. You will find it faulty, and you may end up replacing it or scrubbing it to remove the stains. There are many tricks that you can use to remove stains and grease from glass surfaces. The choice of whether to use professional recommendations or home remedies is dependent on your personal needs. There are many cleaning solutions that you may find in outlets that sell home keeping equipment. Depending on the type of glass that you need to clean, you will be spoilt for choice on what to use. This article is for those who are looking for remedies on how to remove stains and grease from glass cabinets to leave them looking new and flashy. Read on to find out more.  

Cleaning Cabinets with Ease

Cleaning cabinets with ease can be challenging if you do not have the right tools. The following are remedies for removing grease on glass cabinets

Using Vinegar as a home Remedy

Vinegar is a common ingredient used for cooking and seasoning. There are many ways you can use this ingredient alternatively within your home. First, you can use it to remove grease from glass surfaces.  Adding lime to the vinegar can make it more effective and efficient. If you have vinegar in your house, you do not need to worry about going to the home depot to buy any cleaning solution. Pour the vinegar solution on a soft piece of cloth and rub it onto the surface that has grease on it. The rubbing should be done repeatedly until you notice the grease is all removed glass cabinets for school and training centers. Sometime, you may fail to add enough vinegar on the soft cloth which will create more dirt. If you are looking to leaving it flashy and shiny, then you have to use the vinegar solution generously on the display cabinets. If the glass doors of the cabinet are removable, you could soak the greasy glass in a basin filled with the vinegar solution and leave it for some time.  

Using Baking Soda


Baking soda is made from a variety of ingredients including sodium hydroxide. When the baking soda is mixed with hot water, it produces a paste which can be an effective grease remover from glass surfaces. You should add a considerable amount of baking soda to warm water making a paste. The paste should then be rubbed onto the surface of the glass that has grease. Since it is a thick paste, you can put it all over the glass. The set up should be left for about 30 minutes for the baking soda to absorb all the grease from the glass. If you are considering using this home remedy of removing grease from glass, ensure that you check on the  

Ammonia Solution as a Grease Remover

Ammonia is the most popular cleaning agent that has been known to glass cleaners. It is an effective solution for home keeping and removing different kinds of dirt. When you have stained glass, and you need to make them look clean and flashy, you should try using ammonia solution. The ammonia is available in a concentrated form which you are required to dilute to a considerable concentration. Diluting the solution allows you to wash comfortably without fearing skin irritations improve small home with glass display cabinets. Precautionary measures of putting on rubber gloves when handling the ammonia solution should be taken.   

Soaking the Glass in Warm Water

It’s another cleaning kitchen cabinets idea. Warm water was traditionally used to clean greasy surfaces and is still used even in modern society. If you have a glass display cabinet with a greasy surface, you should remove them and soak in a basin full of warm water. Water in its warm nature weakens the bonds of the greasy substance making it easy to wipe off using a soft sponge or cloth. After soaking the glass in water for 30 minutes, you should wipe the glass clean, and it will look as good as new. It will be shiny and flashy which is what you want for your home. If you cannot remove the glass from the cabinet, you can use a clean cloth soaked in warm water and wipe the grease carefully. It’s one of the ways of cleaning cabinets with ease.

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