Why You Should Sell Your Ugly House

Written by Posted On Friday, 10 May 2019 08:53

I’m guessing your house is the exceptional house in the neighborhood for all the wrong reasons and are looking to get rid of it as soon as possible. If that’s true, there are ways of selling your worn-out house in order to move to a new one. At first, selling the house in its bad shape could look impossible, hence, you may get tempted to make necessary repairs in order to make the house market-worthy. Sometimes accessing the cost and making the repairs on your own could prove cumbersome and very expensive. Considering the fact that you may not be able to recoup all your expenses when the house is finally sold.

The Way Forward

Chances are that you’ve come across ads such as “we buy ugly houses” or “sell your house as-is” and the likes. Unlike traditional listing proceedings, companies that come up with such ads promises to offer cash for your house the way it is within a very short period of time and that could be very hard to resist. In this article, we’ll be looking at why you should sell your ugly house for quick cash.

What is it all About?

I was curious just as you are, which is why I decided to meet experts in the business. Viktor Rybachuk and his partner Alexander Romanov are real estate investors in Seattle, founders of Iwillbuyhouse.com and has bought over 50 ugly houses. When asked, he stated that companies like his are made of investors who offer quick cash for undesirable houses. 

“ after inspection, we have what it takes to get the sellers their needed cash in a space of seven days, that’s how quick we are,” Rybachuk added.

What Do Sellers Stand To Gain?

One of the major selling points of selling your ugly house the way it is is the amazing speed you get to have your money. You can use such money for a down payment for your new house or channel the funds into other useful purposes. Secondly, you don’t have to make repairs as the investors will take care of that including the closing costs. Say you are someone facing foreclosure, you could really benefit from selling the house before the lender closes in on you. 

Any Drawback?

The major drawback of selling your ugly house to an investor is the singular fact that the offer presented to you will definitely be below market value. However, if you have the financial strength and time to make repairs on your house, then it could be avoided.



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