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Top Merits And Demerits Of Solar Water Heaters

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 14 May 2019 11:58

People are using a lot of energy when they are heating their water at home. You will also find that most of the energy used in the homes is for heating water. However, it is also possible to reduce that energy cost and you can do that by switching to a water heating system.

For such a system, it will therefore not depend on any fossil fuel because is sourced from the sun to heat water. It will end up saving you a lot of money because the sun will not cost you anything. Besides, you will also not pay any electrical utilities when you use solar hot water.


  • Saving Cost

When using a solar water heating system, you gain more benefits beyond saving the cost. When you want to upgrade your home with solar water heater, you might opt to choose:

Active systems: These types are in two forms. There is a direct circulation of water where the systems pump through the collectors and hot water will be delivered into the house. When the sun is available, it will work because the system has automatic controllers that help to sense. However, it will not work during freezing temperatures.

Passive system: In this type of system, it has two kinds. One is where an integral collector storage system where it contains solar collection unit, storage tank, and pipes that will pump cold water into the collector. The other thermosyphon system uses the principle of where hot water will rise as cold water sinks. The hot water will rise to a reliable configuration.

  • Cost saving

When you invest in two or three panels, it will be cheaper instead of larger domestic installations. However, you will save on the fuel bills that might be used to supply a gas heating system.

  • Size

It is essential to have proper sizing because you need enough storage that will ensure you meet the hot water needed. Besides, you also have to consider storage volume.

  • Higher efficiency

The best thing about solar water heating system is that 80 percent of the area’s sun’s radiation will be utilized to heat energy that will be used for obtaining hot water.

  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Low maintenances
  • Less Space

The best thing about solar water system is that it doesn't require much space to install. It is, therefore, an advantage because of its space-intensive feature compared to photovoltaic panels.


  • Maintenance cost: The cost of maintaining the solar water system is high like when the sediments build up in your system
  • Solar thermal panels will only heat water but photovoltaic plays more roles.
  • You will need to have sufficient roof space so that you can accommodate the system
  • The system will also need to have direct sunlight for them to function
  • The solar heating water system will not work during rainy, foggy and cloudy days
  • You have to make annual maintenances for the antifreeze and pump
  • When installing, you will need new water cylinder.

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