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Things to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Lighting

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 22 May 2019 06:46

Artificial lighting is one of the greatest inventions in the last hundred years. It enables people to see at night and has lessened the risk of house fires because you no longer use old-fashioned candles and oil lamps. This also applies to outdoors, except that, aside from illuminating paths and dark places and for security, it has been stylized to add to the overall aesthetics of homes.

If you want to add more appeal to your property especially at night, you need to find the right modern outdoor lighting. Don’t know where to start? Check out some of these ways to choose outdoor lighting.

Size and Placement

When you choose outdoor lighting, you need to determine the size and placement. Some lighting fixtures may look too small or too big or become a detriment in a pathway. These decisions matter because, while lighting is for curb appeal and illumination, there are safe and effective ways to go about it.

For example, carefully measuring the spots you want your lighting fixture to be will help narrow down your choices. Strategic placement of your outdoor lighting will be a huge advantage too because you can utilize the minimum fixtures you’ll need without going over the budget or adding too much to the electric bill. Plus, it will keep your fixture safe from any damages from humans or from the weather.

Installation Height

Certain light fixtures that need to be installed at a certain height. This is to ensure that they have clearance from pathways and even moving doors. There are many ways to estimate the sizing of entryway lighting and more. Here is a handy article to help you out.


If you want your outdoor lighting to last for a long time, your fixtures for outside should be durable. They should be made with high-grade materials that can weather through the hottest temperatures, the coldest nights, or the gravest storms, depending on where you are. This is not to say that you need to pay the most premium amount because there are brands out there that have the perfect balance of value and quality.

If you are looking for outdoor fixtures that have all those things, plus a 10-year warranty, you should consider looking into the brand called FX Luminaire. Their lights are made of aerospace-grade materials, which make them durable and have modern designs that can add curb appeal to any home. There are a lot of options to choose from, so there’s always something for you, whatever you’re looking for.


Instead of using old-school halogen or incandescent bulbs, consider going for LED lights. They’re cheaper, and they last a long time. LED lights are low-maintenance too, so you can go a long time without changing the bulbs. Additionally, your electric bill won’t be as high as well.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Maybe it’s because of the desire for adequate outdoor lighting, but a common mistake that most homeowners make is to use superbright bulbs. These are useful for when you are having a party, but it’s best to light the outside in layers just like you would inside your home. For your general lighting outside, you can use bulbs with low wattage because they’re less energy-consuming and usually enough.

If you want to add more lighting without using the superbright bulbs, make use of outdoor wall lighting or wall sconces. You can even add dimmers to either so you can achieve any mood at the touch of a dial or button. Here’s a helpful article that will give you more information on layering your lights.

What other tips do you have when choosing modern lighting? Share your insights in the comments below.

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