5 Electrical Safety Tips For Your Home

Written by Posted On Friday, 24 May 2019 22:41

Electricity is so present in everyday life that we often overlook what it does for us and how much we rely on it. We rely on electricity to power our appliances, charge our phones, and provide lighting and warmth, which are things we appreciate and need.

Thinking about the potential dangers of electricity isn’t always something we take as seriously as we should. Electrocution death and injuries and the fires it is possible of causing are things that can be easily prevented when we implement specific safety measures. Practicing these few safety precautions can significantly improve the safety of your home when it comes to possible electrical dangers or risks.

Repair and Replace Damaged Power Cords

Damaged power cords are a huge safety risk in residential homes that go overlooked often and are not always seen as dangerous. Broken cables can cause fires and electrocution, but can be easily prevented with frequent check-ups. Checking if you see the protective coating on a wire is displaced, then it is essential to replace or repair the wiring as soon as possible.

Stapling the cords into place or having them underneath carpets are not recommended because it can cause the wires to damage more quickly or be crushed.

Don’t Overload Your Outlets

Overloading outlets are not seen as potentially threatening and is commonly done in residential homes. Plugging cords into other fully loaded power strips pose as a fire hazard and harm your homes electrical system.

Checking all outlets to make sure that they aren’t hot to the touch and have protective face plates is something you should practice in your home regularly.

Always Hire a Certified Electrician When Needed

Even when an electrical problem seems easy and quick, for you and homes safety, always contact an electrician in your town, for example, Las Vegas Electrician would be a smart search.

Attempting to repair your appliances have left many home residents severely injured because they were not knowledgeable enough on the craft. You shouldn’t have to risk your health or safety when a licensed professional is just a call away and can get the job done smoothly.

Protect Children from Hazards

Children are inquisitive and love to explore the area they are in from the objects on the floor to the floor to the outlets on the wall. Tamper resistant caps on all unused outlets is a commonly encouraged safety practice for all parents to incorporate. All lose cords and wires should also be out of reach of small children to play with or bite on. Parents should not assume kids know not to do certain things with electrical appliances but should instead provide education safety.

Keep Away From Water

Water and electricity are known not to mix well, and the idea is not taken lightly. Although, since there are smaller and smaller electrical products being made, it makes the danger even more apparent. Never use hair dryers or radios near water, which includes phones, kindles, and laptops as well.

Keeping dry hands is also very important when it comes to working with electrical devices, even if it seems not to be dangerous. Water is a great conductor of electricity, so the risk of being electrocuted by a machine with wet hands is significantly increased.

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