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Guide to choose Smoker for Beginners

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 12 June 2019 01:57

Smoking is the process of cooking food by exposing it to smoke. smoking meat might be scary as a beginner. If you have planned to host BBQ party at your home, a good quality smoker is essential. A smoker is an appliance that cooks the meat through the smoke, increasing their palatability by adding flavour and imparting a rich brown colour.

Types of smokers

Electric smokers are the best kind of smokers for beginners  since they only need an electric power supply and with just a touch of a button, they do the entire job by themselves.

Charcoal smokers are made of wood, tend to be cheaper. It is the best way to flavour smoked foods by barbeque masters.

Propane smokersuses natural gas and does not produce any smoke emission in the air. They can retain heat quite well and include a water pan to steam things up.

What to Consider When Buying a Smoker?

When buying a smoker for beginner, you should take the following factors into consideration:

Size and Capacity

Each smoker comes with a different capacity. The capacity and size you choose will depend directly on a bunch of friends, and how much quantity of food you will be using it for. 

Build Quality

The impactful factors determine sturdiness, rust-resistant, waterproof, and made from good quality materials. Good build aspect will also make temperature regulation easier.

Temperature Control     

Temperature control is crucial factor, so check the smoker for a thermostat.

Recommended best smoker for beginners

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 18 Inch Smoker

The Weber Smokey Smoker is a charcoal smoker that uses charcoal as the fuel to add great flavour to food. The smoker has black finish, with rust-resistant built. The lid and the bowl include an enamel and porcelain construction that helps to retain heat. In addition to this, a water pan helps you steam things up so your meat is almost tender and moist.


  • Large room for 2 items.
  • Easy to control temperature; temperature is maintained for 6 to 8 hours.
  • Easy to refuel with charcoal or wood Rust-resistant built.
  • Sturdy legs allow better support.


  • Lid does not seal tightly.
  • Limited attachments.

Smoke Hollow 38202G Propane Gas Smoker

The Smoke Hollow Gas Smoker has great dual-locking system, perfect for smoking and offers moisture to meat without having an impact on temperature. It includes four chrome-plated cooking racks, a sausage hanger that can hang the meat without any searing signs on it. Has upper and lower vent controls. All in all, it is best for beginners who need a reliable system by their side.


  • Big cooking area
  • Push ignition button makes it easy to start up
  • Leak proof and durable design.
  • Excellent heat control


  • More expensive.
  • Non-portable.


Smoking meat initially is challenging task but with the best smoker by your side, it is much easier. Beginners should go for a smoker that is least costly and uses high-quality materials at the same time. Electric smokers seem to be a good option.

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