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An Estate Agent’s Guide to Moving to a New Property

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 12 June 2019 05:44

When you move into a new property, there will be plenty to consider, think about, and check over. After all, you are about to make a large investment, so, before you make the big move, it is worth making a checklist of essential tasks to carry out.

Getting help from a real estate agent

For starters, you need to always have a real estate agent with you when you are looking to purchase or rent a new space. They know exactly what to look out for, and will help you ask the right questions, find the right property, and assess a home as best they can when you have a viewing, so turn to them when you are interested in leasing a property. Simply make sure that you get the assistance from a reputable estate agents, such as Keatons Estate Agents.

Properly assessing the property

If you had to assess your property yourself, do you know the first thing that you need to look out for? For instance, can you estimate what the cost of any necessary repairs will be? You should also make a note of what similar properties are valued at, in order to determine whether or not the pricing of the current one is reasonable.

Lastly, it would be worthwhile to get a professional assessment completed, as this can help you to guarantee that everything is up to par.

Moving insurance

Have you thought about any moving insurance? A real estate agent would always recommend this, in order to make sure that if anything goes wrong or is damaged, you are covered.

Transferring utilities

Additionally, you need to make sure that any necessary utilities are properly transferred over for your new home.

Check the area

Always make sure to check the area of the place that you are interested in moving to. What types of facilities are nearby? Are there any schools? Finding the perfect neighborhood is just as much a part of living in the perfect home.

Completing all of the paperwork and keeping all of your documents

When you finally find that perfect property and you want to move into it, there will be certain documents that you must keep on you at all times. You will need a copy of your lease and homeowner’s insurance policy, as well as other critical documents such as your driver’s license, passport, birth certificate and social security card, medical records, vehicle registration records and so on.

Moving can sometimes be a stressful endeavor, especially when you don’t know what paperwork needs to be filled out, or the first thing about buying a property.

An estate agent’s knowledge and expertise can help you move into a property with as little stress as possible, so be sure to reach out and ask for help when you are making such an important lifestyle change. You can then relax in your new abode, safe in the knowledge that everything is taken care of.

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