Stunning Home Trends in 2019 That Aren't Going Anywhere

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Ready to redesign for an even more stunning home? Read the list to see the best home trends in 2019 that are here to stay.

The average cost of an interior designer is about $6,000. Getting the hottest in home decor and design? Priceless.

The first step when planning any major renovation or new home interior design is researching trends. Not because you want to look like everyone else, but to avoid outdated designs. If you decide to go full industrial barnyard, that's your choice.

If you want the latest in cutting-edge design and the most bang for your buck, stick to our list for inspiration. These are currently the best home trends in 2019.

Modern Rustic 

We have seen rustic designs come and go over the years. In fact, rustic has never truly gone away, it always reinvents itself. When going for a rustic look, try to avoid going full-cottage. 

Unless you actually live in a cottage or in a barn, you'll want to layer your metals and woods. Break up the natural materials with flat, solid surfaces. Stick to blacks and whites to avoid that industrial chic that's associated with uptown flats.

Mix some modern technology in with your cozy fabrics and warm woods. This is the true essence of modern rustic design.

Glamour Industrial

Not only are high-restaurants falling in love with industrial design, but new homeowners are, too. Industrial spans a wide range of iron, concrete, and copper highlights. Glamour industrial styles incorporate more precious metals and high-end materials.

Rather than concrete bases, quartz steals the show. Go with synthetic quartz for the most flexibility and budget-friendly selection. Incorporate gold leafing and coatings, polished bronze and copper for backdrops, knobs, fixtures, and decorative fittings.

Compliment your raw materials with matte surfaces for an impressive contrast. Keep things bright and high-energy with lots of natural light and mirrors.

Hand-painted and Artisan Crafts

Etsy has filled homes across the globe with truly unique pieces. From furniture to clothes, and custom fixtures, handmade crafts are treasures. The idea of filling up your home with custom work sounds amazing--and it works!

This type of interior design is mainly about budgeting and shopping. Once you have enough pieces that you want, you'll move on to the presentation.  Without a proper backdrop or foundation, your interior decorating could look like hoarding. 

Find some fabrics that have accents, intricate weaving at a fabric store. Buy a few meters of it at a time. Do the same for tiles and flooring, hone in on creative patterns and accents. 

Fill each room with these elements and you'll pull off a highly artistic design.

Large Window Panes

Usually, cabinets are the main feature of the kitchen. They take up the most space and require a big chunk of the budget. Rather than having both top and bottom cabinets, one of the biggest home trends in 2019 does away with half.

Cutting out the top cabinets allows for a more open countertop. There is now an incentive to organize the countertops while opening up the walls for more light. Installing larger windows transforms the way the kitchen feels.

Windows grant more natural lighting and a better view of the property. Oftentimes the kitchen can feel confining, which is why so many designers are going this route. This is a great strategy for getting more resale value.

Wood Floors, Walls, and Furniture

Wood floors are a universal godsend for low-maintenance and high-value surfaces. Why stop there if you love the warmth wood brings? Another big trend is having wood on multiple surfaces in the kitchen and bathrooms. 

Reclaimed wood is a great material for tables, islands, and even countertops. Hardwood slats make great use of color for walls, too. You can add wood accent walls very easily with laminate tiles.

Ebony and gray wood surfaces are very popular this year. This lets you stylize each room with wood without running into issues with homogenous designs.

Artistic Wallpaper and Wall Art

Bare walls are definitely less popular these days, even for businesses. People want more color, more pop, and storytelling. Displaying art is the easiest way to energize a room without throwing out furniture.

Removable wallpaper with patterns and figures are making a big comeback. Textured wallpaper is even better, especially on walls behind the TV, bed, and etc. Don't shy away from getting a wallpaper that isn't abstract, too.

The same goes for art pieces on display. The safe route is to put up abstract paintings, but 2019 is about going bold. If you're too shy to hang up a nude figure, go for photorealism or subversive technology.

These are conversation pieces that should compliment your home, yet also contrasting. The theme for 2019 is to break the theme!

Smart Home Hubs

Last, but not least, we want to briefly cover the digital home revolution. Any home renovation or interior design should include it. At the very least, you should make space for smart home devices.

For example, a space reserved for a home assistant in the kitchen, living room, and bathrooms. It's also smart to have a spot in the middle of the house for a tablet control panel. Being able to control all electrical devices at the touch of the button is the future of modern home design.

Other great investments include: wireless outlets, LED smart bulbs, smart thermostat, doorbell cameras, and a 240v circuit and outlet for the garage. The outlet in the garage future-proofs your home for electric vehicles.

If you want to live like the Jetsons, you're going to need to start building the foundation.

More Home Trends in 2019

This is only the tip of the iceberg for home trends in 2019. If you really want to push the envelope, we suggest reading up on celebrity home designs. The best ideas always come from those who can afford to experiment.

Impress your friends, family, and neighbors by following some of our examples. Well-executed popular house designs will raise the value of your property and allow your home to stand out. Always consult with a professional interior decorator before starting any project.

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